The National Library of Medicine Index Mechanization Project, July 1, 1958-June 30, 1960

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Page 3 - Specific aims [of] develop[ing] and demonstrating] in the field of medicine improved methods for the rapid and efficient publication of comprehensive indexes to the literature of broad scientific fields with simultaneous provision for meeting the requirements of specialties within these fields, making use of hitherto unutilized mechanical applications.
Page 88 - to conduct a study to investigate the feasibility of using electronic digital computers for the publication of the Index Medicus and also as a basis for the construction of an efficient reference and bibliographic service...
Page 65 - These symbols, used in the National Union Catalog of the Library of Congress, and...
Page 5 - The Army Medical Library Research Project at the Welch Medical Library," Bull. Medical Library Association 37, 121-124, 1949. The problem of bibliographical control of the results of research is as serious in medicine as it is in the other fields of science. It is...
Page 7 - ... Library of Medicine dates back to 1836, when its predecessor, the Library of the Surgeon General's Office, was established. The first large-scale indexing of current medical -journal literature using institutional team-approach methods had its start in 1879 with the publication, by this Library, of the first volume of the first work to use the title Index Medicus. This was followed in 1880 by the first volume of the first series of the Index-Catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon General's Office...
Page 87 - It appears that to achieve both ends, in the context of a very large system, it would be more suitable to start with the design of a retrieval system, and then to proceed with the publication system as the subsequent and derivative problem.
Page 74 - PRINCIPAL AIM of the project was to devise a system that would permit publication of an index of greater coverage, currency, and ease of preparation and use than had been possible with the old Current List setup.
Page 16 - When we say a type size is 1 2 points, we essentially mean that the vertical distance from the top of the tallest character to the bottom of the lowest is 1 2 points.
Page 5 - ROGERS, FRANK B., AND ADAMS, SCOTT. The Army Medical Library's publication program. Texas Rep. Biol. Med. 8: 271-300, Summer 1950.

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