The Natural History of Weasels and Stoats: Ecology, Behavior, and Management

Oxford University Press, 12.10.2006 - 464 sivua
Field naturalists have observed the activities of weasels for centuries. Their descriptions were often accurate but sometimes misinterpreted the animals' behaviors and underlying explanations for those behaviors. "Organized natural history" became one of the roots of the science of ecology in the 1920s and by the 1960s scientists had begun to study the biology of weasels with all the critical, objective advantages of modern theory and equipment. Until the first edition of this book appeared in 1989 no one had attempted to explain these results to non-specialist naturalists. Now thoroughly revised, this book will continue to be the main one-stop reference for professionals. But both kinds of knowledge are brought together here-- observations for the traditional naturalist and rigorous measurements and interpretations for modern scientists, integrated into a single, readable account. This new edition provides a comprehensive summary of the extensive advances over the last 15 years in our knowledge of these fascinating animals. A new U.S.-based co-author reshapes the content to be more U.S.-centric. Stories about North America trappers and backwoodsmen interacting with weasels replace some (not all) of the previous stories about English gamekeepers. These changes permeate the book, so readers familiar with the first edition will recognize some material, but will find a lot that is new. Much less reliable European information quoted in the first edition was there at the time when no better information was available. Now a new NZ chapter focuses on predation problems of the species introduced to that country. This edition, much more than a simple update, is now truly an international treatment and a more valuable resource.

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1 Weaselly Distinguished Stoatally Different
2 HairTrigger Mouse Traps with Teeth
3 Molt and Winter Whitening
4 Body Size
5 Food
6 Hunting Behavior
7 The Impact of Predation by Weasels on Populations of Natural Prey
8 Adjustable Living Spaces
Density and Breeding Success
Survival and Mortality
12 Human Attitudes to Weasels in Their Native Environments
13 Stoats as Introduced Pests in New Zealand
Sexual Dimorphism Delayed Implantation and Coexistence among Weasel Species

9 Reproduction

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Sivu 5 - A glance at the physiognomy of the weasels would suffice to betray their character. The teeth are almost of the highest known raptorial character; the jaws are worked by enormous masses of muscles covering all the side of the skull.
Sivu 5 - ... glitter with an angry green light. There is something peculiar, moreover, in the way that this fierce face surmounts a body extraordinarily wiry, lithe, and muscular. It ends a remarkably long and slender neck in such way that it may be held at right angle with the axis of the latter.
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Sivu 5 - Weasels would suffice to betray their character. The teeth are almost of the highest known raptorial character; the jaws are worked by enormous masses of muscles covering all the side of the skull. The forehead is low, and the nose is sharp; the eyes are small, penetrating, cunning; and glitter with an angry green light.
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