The Nature & Development of Animal Intelligence

Macmillan, 1898 - 307 páginas
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Página 11 - In no case may we interpret an action as the outcome of the exercise of a higher psychical faculty, if it can be interpreted as the outcome of the exercise of one which stands lower in the psychological scale.
Página 68 - Almost to jelly with the act of fear, Stand dumb and speak not to him. This to me In dreadful secrecy impart they did, And I with them the third night kept the watch ; Where, as they had deliver'd, both in time, Form of the thing, each word made true and good, The apparition comes.
Página 29 - ... so much as once the way by which they return. Akin to this, possibly, though perhaps quite different, is the question as to the nature of the faculties by which animals are enabled to migrate. " How a small and tender bird, coming from Africa or Spain, after traversing the sea, finds the very same hedgerow in the middle of England, where it made its nest last season, is truly marvellous
Página 150 - It is interesting to note that a water tortoise I have had for some years, will at any time walk off a surface on which he is placed. But this is not a creature that always is on terra firm a in the same sense as a dog, but it frequently has occasion to drop off logs, etc.
Página 215 - ... in the clearest way, that there is an order in psychic as in physical development.
Página 67 - Geer, may be cruelly roasted at a slow fire without the slightest movement ; to others again which will long remain motionless, as much as twenty-three minutes, as I find with Chrysomela spartii.
Página 246 - In both the rabbit and the cavy, so simple is their psychic life that there is little to note by way of advance after they are a few weeks old. After the first month of existence comparison with the dog, cat and allied creatures ceases to be suggestive. The rodents are left quite behind. They seem capable of little education either by man or by Nature. In other words, they get little from experience beyond that which strengthens their instincts and emphasizes their simple psychic life.
Página 23 - I have explicitly stated that it must be conceded that man as a totality stands at the head of the animal world, as the following extract will show : " The assumption that man is only accidentally the superior of the brute would but lead to confusion, for it must be admitted that there is a scale, and that man ranks first. We are simply desirous of doing the lower creation that justice which we feel assured has not yet been allowed them, and of seeing the human family interested in those that we...
Página 225 - ... to have observed daily the psychic development of the cat from birth to maturity. Many of the above suggestions are founded on Prof. Mills's work. See also Bernard Perez : Mes Deux Chats ; Fragment de Psychologic Compare'e, pp. 3978. Paris, 1881. •See literature under Rat. •Prof. Mills says : " This seems to me as fundamental as anything that is to be found in animal psychology.
Página 92 - ... and made a number of statements, some of which I shall repeat in a few minutes. Many of these statements we were able to verify at a subsequent period ; others were undoubtedly inaccurate. Before going into details regarding the every-day life of this case of lethargy as we saw it, perhaps it would be well to give a brief outline of the history of the patient. Unfortunately, it has not been found possible to get as many important facts as could be desired in connection with this history, but...

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