The New England Medical Gazette, Svazek 27

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Medical Gazette Publishing Company, 1892

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Strana 270 - ... it is absolutely necessary to conclude that the blood in the animal body is impelled in a circle, and is in a state of ceaseless motion...
Strana 593 - A MANUAL OF MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE AND Toxicology, by Henry C. Chapman, MD, Professor of Institutes of Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia...
Strana 501 - The scientific method of examining facts is not peculiar to one class of phenomena and to one class of workers ; it is applicable to social as well as to physical problems, and we must carefully guard ourselves against supposing that the scientific frame of mind is a peculiarity of the professional scientist.
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Strana ix - Rules of Aseptic and Antiseptic Surgery. A Practical Treatise for the Use of Students and the General Practitioner. Illustrated with over two hundred fine Engravings. 8vo. Cloth, $5.00 ; sheep, $6.00. GIBSON-RUSSELL. Physical Diagnosis: A Guide to Methods of Clinical Investigation. By GA Gibson, MD, and William Russell, MD With 101 Illustrations.
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