The New Oceania

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Trafford Publishing, Jul 14, 2006 - Biography & Autobiography
This is a true account of a heavily suppressed story of intrigue that begins with an inquiry into a strange and isolated shooting fatality in Texas in 1982. It leads progressively through Texas agencies to the FBI and eventually to highly placed officials in Texas, Arkansas and Washington D.C. A former resident of Mena, Arkansas is allegedly shot to death in Texas in August 1982. Without conducting an investigation local authorities quickly rule the fatality an accident and impose a news blackout on the shooting. The father of the victim uncovers serious discrepancies and learns that local Texas FBI agents were associated with the incident as were federal agents in a federal grand jury investigation in Philadelphia. Appeals to the Texas State Attorney General for an inquiry to resolve the many discrepancies and contradictions in the case fail. Members of Congress contact the Texas Governor to request an official inquiry. The Governor grants their request but quickly terminates it without notifying them of his action. Arkansas Senator David Pryor and U.S. Representative John Hammerschmidt then take the matter up with the Director of the FBI, the Director of BATF and the Department of Justice in Washington only to encounter persistent evasions. The Texas fatality is later linked to government- sanctioned drug and arms smuggling activities in Mena, Arkansas that were being investigated by Arkansas State Trooper Russell Welch, IRS investigator Bill Duncan and private investigator Gene Wheaton. The father of the slain man is falsely arrested with the aid of a group of Arkansas lawyers on charges brought by his brother, a CEO in Philadelphia, whose son was the target of the federal grand jury investigation there. The CEO's son had various transactions in Mena and also in Texas that involved his slain cousin. The arrest of the slain man's father was aimed at forcing him to disclose the results of his investigation into the Texas shooting, which the CEO, his son and others had an unusual interest in. After charges are dismissed a counter-claim is filed against the CEO, his son and his lawyers for wrongful acts and a trial is scheduled in federal court. At this point the last in a succession of Arkansas attorneys for the CEO and his son withdraws from the case. This allows the prestigious Rose Law Firm to take over a case they would normally reject out of hand and a case that could further complicate their on-going problems if discovered. It was at this time that former Rose Law Firm lawyer, Vincent Foster, is found dead at Fort Marcy Park. The powerful and influential Arkansas law firm forces a settlement that prevents release of sensitive information on the suppressed Texas shooting and its ties to federal agencies, to CIA activities at the Mena airport and to its Arkansas participants. Governor Bill Clinton is reluctant to confront the illegal activities in Mena but when Ross Perot becomes concerned about the affair Clinton discusses it with him as the 1992 presidential campaign gets under way. After Governor Clinton is elected and after the death of Vincent Foster the Whitewater scandal erupts to undermine Clinton's presidency. The author's dogged investigation into the suppressed death of his son presents a well documented, fully corroborated account of the misuse of official power. The heavy-handedness encountered during that mission is continuing, becoming more flagrant and is gathering momentum. That pernicious danger threatens the very fabric of American society and American constitutional freedoms. This intriguing tale of transgressions in high places is not just an engrossing story. It is a wake-up call.

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This man is crazy, My mom is the wife in this book. He has made her life unbearable because he cant let his son rest in peace. . Ed you are very delusional. You have went all these years with out a grandson because of it And for that I feel sad for you that you will never see the wonderful man he has become. Losing someone hurts go to therapy. Your son moved to Texas to get away from you. You act like you knew your son so well. Ed you had no problem taking all the money and all the cars after Mike died. Ed , Your grandson came to you asking for anything of his fathers to have and you refused him. So many of these accusations in this book are false If you are telling the story tell it all...DONNA  

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