The New Socialism

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Shakespeare Press, 1916 - 111 psl.

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65 psl. - Hitherto it is questionable if all the mechanical inventions yet made have lightened the day's toil of any human being. They have enabled a greater population to live the same life of drudgery and imprisonment, and an increased number of manufacturers and others to make large fortunes.
88 psl. - But why is this change described as ' the coming slavery'? " is a question which many will still ask. The reply is simple. All socialism involves slavery. What is essential to the idea of a slave?
88 psl. - The buying and working of telegraphs by the state is made a reason for urging that the state should buy and work the railways. Supplying children with food for their .minds by public agency is being followed in some cases by supplying food for their bodies ; and, after the practice has been made gradually more general, we may anticipate that the supply now proposed to be made gratis in the one case will eventually be proposed to be made gratis in the other, the argument that good bodies as well as...
80 psl. - ... organization, both in production and distribution, has thus far had no searching investigation. One gets a hint of it when he sees at a single hotel in a small city five drummers competing against each other in selling the same product. I have heard one of the most successful business men in the East say, " If people generally knew how stupidly and wastefully much of the large business is carried on, we should become objects of ridicule.
80 psl. - It would not be safe to have it known how badly and how extravagantly things are managed, or to what sorry shifts we are driven." I asked in this city a very prominent insurance man if this were fair criticism, and he replied, "Oh, competition has got us now where the only dress we ought to wear is the cap and bells.
68 psl. - ... a renewed and redundant beauty, and repeat the same great lesson to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. It is evident that song, form, colour and odour are conductors of some subtle and most powerful influence, which is inhaled into the inmost nature of the young and tender beings now being moulded into their matured development, and imbues and interpenetrates their dual nature with the same element of love.
17 psl. - ... before too harshly we criticise our good friends the Swiss for what is evidently a huge waste of time, effort and labor, let us observe how we do some things at home. Every day in the year 34 passenger trains leave New York for Chicago and 34 passenger trains leave Chicago for New York. Of these 34 trains observations extended over many years show that as a rule about fifteen are well filled, four vary from a light to a moderate load and fifteen usually carry from three to ten passengers, have...
12 psl. - ... man one year, to keep the machinery in repair, and our modern miracle is that seven men suffice to give 1,000 persons all the bread they customarily consume in a year.
38 psl. - ... system of production — the system of production, that is to say, of articles of social use for profit by free labourers who are paid wages — did difficulties arise in the trade or finance of any community from an actual superfluity of wealth which the members of that community needed in their daily life.
67 psl. - To supply the present demand for printed matter with the implements of a hundred years ago it would be necessary to draw upon and exhaust the supply of labourers in nearly every other occupation. Printing would become the universal profession.

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