The New Testament in the Apostolic Fathers

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Clarendon Press, 1905 - Apostolic Fathers - 144 pages
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Page 147 - Helps to the Study of the Bible, comprising Introductions to the several Books, the History and Antiquities of the Jews, the results of Modern Discoveries, and the Natural History of Palestine, with copious Tables, Concordance and Indices, and a series of j Maps. Prices in various sizes and bindings from 7s. 6d. to il. 2s. Helps to the Study of the Bible, taken from the Oxford Bible for Teachers.
Page 149 - Philo. About the Contemplative Life; or, the Fourth Book of the Treatise concerning Virtues. Critically edited, with a defence of its genuineness. By Fred. C. Conybeare, MA 8vo. 14s. Reliquiae Sacrae secundi tertiique saemli. Recensuit MJ Routh, STP Tomi V. 8vo. il. 5,5. Scriptorum Ecdesiasticorum Opuscula. Recensuit MJ Routh, STP Tomi II. 8vo. ios. Socrates...
Page 145 - Facsimiles of the Fragments hitherto recovered of the Book of Ecclesiasticus in Hebrew.
Page 67 - must have known this Epistle almost by heart. Although there are no quotations (in the strictest sense, with mention of the source), echoes of its language and thought pervade the whole of his writings in such a manner as to leave no doubt whatever that he was acquainted with it.
Page 18 - The most High hath made this world for many, but the world to come for few. 2 I will tell thee a similitude, Esdras; As when thou askest the earth, it shall say unto thee, that it giveth much...
Page 83 - Die Briefe des Ignatius und das Johanncsevangclium', Theologische Studien und AnuĀrn, 78 1 1905i. 563 603; WR Inge, writing for the Oxford Committee, \TAF, also in 1905, determined that 'Ignatius's use of the Fourth Gospel is highly probable, but falls some way short of certainty' ('Ignatius', 83); HJ Bardsley.
Page 61 - We incline to think that we have in Clem. Rom. a citation from some written or unwritten form of 'Catechesis...
Page 61 - Macarius of that marked z, makes this less probable. On the other hand, the fact that the series of phrases as it is found in Polycarp and the Didasc. is incomplete, and not in the same order as in Clem. Rom., seems to show that there is no one documentary source common to all these writers.
Page 83 - Ignatius's use of the Fourth Gospel is highly probable, but falls some way short of certainty. The objections to accepting it are mainly (i) our ignorance how far some of the Logia of Christ recorded by John may have been current in Asia Minor before the publication of the Gospel.
Page 61 - Catechesis' as to our Lord's teaching, current in the Roman Church, perhaps a local form which may go back to a time before our Gospels existed.

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