The New annual register, or General repository of history, politics, and literature, Bind 12

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Side xxx - Ovid's metamorphoses were exhibited in confectionary ; and the splendid iceing of an immense historic plum-cake was embossed with a delicious basso-relievo of the destruction of Troy. In the afternoon, when she condescended to walk in the garden, the- lake was covered with Tritons and Nereids ; the pages of the family were converted into Wood-nymphs who peeped from every bower ; and the footmen gamboled over the lawns in the figure of Satyrs.
Side 129 - He fixes next on some spreading tree, round the bole of which he wattles a slight circular fence of the dimensions he wants ; and, covering it roughly with boughs and sods, he fills it plentifully with straw or fern. Having made this preparation, he collects his colony among the farmers, with whom he commonly agrees for a shilling a head, and will get together perhaps a herd of five or six hundred hogs.
Side 105 - When he had thirty pounds a year, he lived on twenty -eight, and gave away forty shillings. The next year, receiving sixty pounds, he still lived on twenty-eight, and gave away two and thirty. The third year he received ninety pounds, and gave away sixty-two. The fourth year he received one hundred and twenty pounds. Still he lived on twenty-eight, and gave to the poor ninety-two.
Side 118 - Cottages and farms were interfperfed all over this gay champaign, and the whole fcene was delightful ; but it was foon changed for beauties of a different fort. We defcended into a cool valley, through which ran a rivulet of perfectly clear water ; and there, finding my vehicle uneafy, though from the laughter and merriment of my bearers I concluded them to be quite at their eafe, I bade them fet me down, and walked before them all the reft of the way. Mountains, clothed with fine trees and flowering...
Side 127 - ... fubmit to have a deep notch cut in one of the pillars of her houfe. " I was once prefent at the funeral of an old woman. When we went into the houfe, which had belonged to the deceafed, we found it full of her female relations; fome of them were employed in wrapping up the corpfe in leaves and cloth, and others tearing to pieces all the cloth which had belonged to her.
Side 129 - ... of men, in a country fo highly favoured by nature, might not have difcovered and improved. They have...
Side 129 - The procefs is conducted in the following manner : a range of eighteen or twenty ftoves is erected, and fupplied with coal kept burning at the bottom ; the fmoke is conducted, by proper horizontal tunnels, into a capacious and clofe funnel, of one hundred yards or more in length; this funnel is built with brick, fupported by brick arches, and covered on the top by a...
Side 129 - Report of the Lords of the Committee of Council, appointed for the consideration of all matters relating to trade and foreign plantations...
Side 122 - AHMED'S family, which I expeeted to procure but was difappointed, it would fcarce be poffible to afcertain the time, when his forefather obtained the higheft rank in the government. In the year 1600 Captain JOHN DAVIS, who wrote an account of his voyage, found Mayata governed by a king, and Anfuame, or Hinzuan, by a queen, who...
Side 115 - I thought it advifable for him to keep his African name. A very indifferent dinner was prepared for us at the houfe of the Governor, whom we did not fee the whole day, as it was the beginning of Ramadan, the Mohammedan lent, and he was engaged in his devotions, or made them his excufe ; but his eldeft fon fat by us...

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