The Night The Defeos Died: Reinvestigating The Amityville Murders

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CreateSpace, Jan 23, 2003 - Drama - 370 pages
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The true story surrounding the world's most notorious, alleged haunted house in Amityville, New York.

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It seemed to me that Ric Osuna simply gathered as much information from the internet as he could. He found Geraldine "DeFeo" who was willing to lie so they could cash in on an already told stories. Ronald DeFeo Jr. may not be to paragon of honesty, but he insist he was not married to Geraldine and she was in fact married to another man at the time she claims to be Ronald DeFeo's wife. I could have saved my money and time spent reading this book and surfed the web myself. Mr. Osuna should get in a long line with the others who cashed in on the six people who died that November night and ask for forgiveness for cashing in on that terrible tragedy. He even was so bold as to turn the family's final resting place into a tourist attraction. I regret putting a dime in his pocket! 

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Although I am (like most people) intrigued about the Amityville haunting and the murders which took place, this book failed to deliver anything I had not already read or heard previously.
The only
‘new’ information seemed to be unsubstantiated and the majority of this seems to stem from Geraldine Defeo (who was claimed to be married to Ronald Defeo who was responsible for the murders). However, there is very little, to none evidence to suggest that Geraldine was actually married to Ronald?
I may be wrong, but I suspect that this was just an attempt to cash-in on the now legendary house which stands on Ocean Avenue. I cannot help recalling Hans Holzer’s book Murder in Amityville, which the author took a medium to the house and tried to contact the spirits within. They concluded that the house was built on an Indian burial ground. The author then conducted an interview with Ronald DeFeo in prison, who seemed to be playing with Holzer. Now that book wasn’t one of the best reads, but at least I could take it for what it was, and would have probably given it more credit, had Holzer not followed it up with a book titled The Amityville Curse, which was a total work of fiction!
The Night The Defeos Died: Reinvestigating The Amityville Murders reads a little like the latter of Holzer’s books, and I have found much more interesting and ‘true’ information on various websites, which were set-up by the Late George Lutz, such as The Amityville Truth Forum.
If I were you, I’d keep my money and look elsewhere for the truth

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