The Northwestern Reporter, 92권

West Publishing Company, 1903
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127 페이지 - ... unless by act or operation of law, or by deed, or conveyance in writing, subscribed by the party creating, granting, assigning, surrendering, or declaring the same, or by his lawful agent thereunto authorized by writing.
169 페이지 - Charlestown as her home within the meaning of that term as it is used in the law of domicile; and the evidence on which the defendants rely all tends to strengthen this conclusion. Notwithstanding Mrs. Paris...
396 페이지 - An estate in real property, other than an estate at will or for a term not exceeding one year, can be transferred only by operation of law, or by an instrument in writing, subscribed by the party disposing of the same, or by his agent thereunto authorized by writing.
194 페이지 - In considering the operation of this judgment, it should be borne in mind, as stated by counsel, that there is a difference between the effect of a judgment as a bar or estoppel against the prosecution of a second action upon the same claim or demand, and its effect as an estoppel in another action between the same parties upon a different claim or cause of action.
48 페이지 - That the said party of the first part (Union Pacific Railway Co.) in consideration of the sum of one dollar, to it in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, and in further consideration of the premises...
416 페이지 - A tax. shall be and is hereby imposed upon the transfer of any property, real or personal...
232 페이지 - Headnote i evidence and that the trial court erred in overruling its demurrer to plaintiffs' evidence and motion for directed verdict. We think the evidence was sufficient to take the case to the jury on the question as to whether defendant was guilty of negligence.
276 페이지 - When committed by accident and misfortune, in lawfully correcting a child or servant, or in doing any other lawful act by lawful means, with usual and ordinary caution, and without any unlawful intent; 2.
194 페이지 - It is a finality as to the claim or demand in controversy, concluding parties and those in privity with them, not only as to every matter which was offered and received to sustain or defeat the claim or demand, but as to any other admissible matter which might have been offered for that purpose...
26 페이지 - ... a question of fact to be submitted to the jury under proper instructions from the court.

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