The Novels and Stories of Frank R. Stockton ..

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C. Scribner's sons, 1900

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Page 252 - said to me, in a rather lower voice than that in which she had been speaking: "I can never thank you enough for all you have done for me, but I shall—" "Oh, do not speak of that," said I. "Wait until I have done
Page 90 - If I had gone, it's not likely I'd been wrecked. But I've read about every kind of shipwreck that ever happened. When I first came here I took care to post myself upon these matters, because I knew it would save trouble. I have read 'Robinson Crusoe,' 'The Wreck of the Grosvenor,
Page 261 - said. We didn't like this room, but we thought we would try and learn to like it. The fault was in ourselves, perhaps. High art in furniture was something we ought to understand and ought to like. We would do both, if we could. But we soon saw that one reason
Page 93 - had some of the plates in her bow badly smashed, and she took in water like a thirsty dog. The captain had the forward water-tight bulkhead shut tight, and the" pumps set to work, but it was no •use. That forward compartment just filled up with water, and the Thomas
Page 96 - as high as the topsail ought to be, and the screw propeller looking like the wheel on the top of one of those windmills that they have in the country for pumping up water. Her cargo had shifted so far forward that it had turned her right up
Page 38 - steadfastly at his companion, he remarked. "If you think that is such a good thing to do, why don't you do it yourself? There can't be anybody much harder up than you are." "The law's ag'in' my doin' it," said Asaph. "A man can't marry his sister.'' "Are you thinkin' of Marietta Himes?
Page 53 - He lives over at Timberley. He 'tended John Himes in his last sickness." "He don't practise here, does he? " said Asaph. "I never see him." "No, but he was called in to consult." And then the speaker dropped again into cogitation. After a few minutes Asaph rose. He knew that
Page 283 - was too cold a place for me to go with him and watch his proceedings —I saw him come running toward the house. "Walter," he shouted, "we must hire all the men we can find, and dig, dig, dig! If I am not mistaken, something has happened on your place that is wonderful
Page 314 - When I told him he was most welcome, he went in. I offered to show him about, which he said was no use, that he had been there often enough. And he went everywhere, I truly believe, except in the garret and the cellar. After he got through with that he went out
Page 9 - ground, but it gave me a very buoyant step. It was no labor at all to walk. It was a delight, an ecstasy. ," With the strength of a man and the weight of a child, ^ I gayly strode along. The first day I walked half a dozen miles at a very brisk pace, and came back

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