The Novels and Stories of Frank R. Stockton: Ardis Claverden

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C. Scribner's sons, 1900

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Page 479 - Seeing Major Claverden approaching across the lawn, she ran down to him, and informed him, with as much respectful deference as her angry soul allowed, that there was a gentleman at the door who wanted to see Miss Ardis, and who as much as said to her that she bore false witness when she told him that Miss Ardis had gone away. The major looked toward the
Page 468 - perishable diamond. I expect I shall be delighted to have him live with me, but I must wait until he is a great deal older before that can be arranged. At present I am entirely alone. As I said before, I should like to make a home in this neighborhood. But I think you will agree with me that it would be pretty hard for
Page 510 - know," said Cruppledean, knocking the ashes out of his pipe, and preparing to refill it, "I've been thinking lately that fellows oughtn't to be
Page 16 - now appear there might be some reason why that instrument could not be borrowed, got down from the fence and went home. CHAPTER II BALD HILL, the estate of Major Claverden, was a very good one, although, as any one in the neighborhood would tell you, it was not what it used to be before the war. But while this might be true in many respects, the owner of
Page 75 - except a poor one. Now get down, and I will hold him while you run to the carriage-house and bring that side-saddle that you will see hanging on a peg close to the door." The boy looked astonished, but got down. "He'll run away with you," he said deprecatingly, as his
Page 519 - if he has come for advice about putting up fruit or vegetables, I shall tell him that he and Mr. Prouter would better drop all that at once. Men can't do that sort of housekeeping. They'd lose every cent they put in sugar and spices. Well, Mr. Surrey, what is it
Page 238 - call upon you, sir, and purchase a certain painting which she described to me in a note she sent me this morning, and which I think I can identify without difficulty." And putting on his eye-glasses, he began to walk about the room and look at the pictures. "Miss Claverden asked you to come here
Page 490 - think that will be settled before long." The next day Surrey was not the cool and self-possessed man that he usually was. After he had seen Ardis pass into the woods, he did not get over the fence into the field, but remained on the roadside. For some reason, he seemed greatly to prefer the
Page 489 - it in the least. In fact, she might like it! It is more than probable, indeed, that she would be very glad to have me drop in on her—at least, in that way. But, on the other hand, when I started down here, I swore off from everything of the kind. When a man has
Page 325 - handkerchief was pinned into a bow at her throat, while the neat slippers showed beneath the simple folds into which the skirt had been quickly drawn. But the glory of this apparition was the hair. Here was the crowning, transforming touch. Under the unshapen felt hat the "gal" of the night before had had a

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