The Novels and Stories of Frank R. Stockton ...

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C. Scribner's Sons, 1900

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Page 146 - You'll find that on the second story," said he. I went up-stairs. There I asked a man: "Where will I find red calico?" "In the far room to the left. Right over there." And he pointed to a distant corner. I walked through the crowds of purchasers and salespeople and around the counters and tables filled with goods, to the far room to the left. When I got there, I asked for red calico. "The second counter down this side,
Page 146 - Calicoes downstairs," said the man. "They told me they were up here," I said. "Not these plain goods. You'll find 'em downstairs at the back of the store, over on that side." I went downstairs to the back of the store. "Where will I find red calico like this?" I asked. "Next counter but one," said the man addressed, walking with me in the direction pointed out. "Dunn, show red calicoes." Mr. Dunn took my sample and looked at it. "We haven't this shade in that quality of goods,
Page 147 - he asked. "Yes," said I. " Fourth counter to the left." I went to the fourth counter to the left, and showed my sample to a salesman. He looked at it, and said : "You'll get this down on the first floor — calico department." I turned on my heel, descended in the elevator, and went out on Broadway. I was thoroughly sick of red calico. But I determined to make one more trial. My wife had bought her red calico not long before, and there must be some to be had somewhere. I ought to have asked her...
Page 147 - I had had any other kind of a rag about me — a pen-wiper or anything of the sort — I think I would have asked them if they could match that. But I stepped up to a young woman and presented my sample, with the usual question. "Back room, counter on the left,
Page 146 - No," said he. "The goods is finer and the color's better." "I want it to match this," I said. "I thought you weren't particular about the match," said the salesman. "You said you didn't care for the quality of the goods, and you know you can't match goods without you take into consideration quality and 166 color both. If you want that quality of goods in red, you ought to get Turkey red.
Page 39 - I had to take it to her, and there was no way of doin' it except in that boat. So I filled a gallon can, for I thought I might as well take enough while I was about it, and I went down to the water and I unhitched that boat and I put the oil-can into her, and then I got in, and off I started, and when I was about a quarter of a mile from the shore — " "Madam," interrupted Captain Bird, "did you row or— or was there a sail to the boat?
Page 163 - Boyle, an' the bat'ry man, with some catridges an' a coil of wire, got into the little shore boat, and pulled over to the 'Mary Auguster.' There we lowered a small catridge down the main hatchway, an' let it rest down among the cargo.
Page 163 - specially them as was packed with pies, which must be pretty light.' 'Git out, Andy,' says I, 'with all that stuff!' An' he got out. "But the idees he'd put into my head didn't git out, an' as I laid on my back on the deck, lookin' up at the stars, they sometimes seemed to put themselves into the shape of little houses, with a little woman cookin...
Page 152 - The bare-legged boy, whose duty it was to stay forward and mind the jib, came aft as soon as he smelt a story, and took a nautical position which was duly studied by Mr. Nugent, on a bag of ballast in the bottom of the boat. "It's nigh on to fifteen year ago...
Page 166 - ... some was lobsters. But nary a thing could I see that ever had growed on a tree. "Well, sir, there was three loads brought in, altogether, an' the Christmas dinner we had on the for'ard deck of that steamer's hull was about the jolliest one that was ever seen of a hot day aboard of a wreck in the Pacific Ocean. The cap'n kept good order, an...

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