The Novels and Stories of Frank R. Stockton: Mrs. Cliff's yacht

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C. Scribner's sons, 1900

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Page 51 - Of course, I didn't want to give orders to the crew, but I intended to give my orders to the captain, and tell him what he was to do, and what he was not to do, for one week. He didn't like that very much, for he was inclined to bulldogism, but I paid him extra wages, and he agreed to knuckle under to me. "So I gave him orders to sail out of the harbor and straight to the island of TJshant, some twenty-five miles to the west of northwest. "'There's no use going there,' said the captain—his name...
Page 128 - Cliff thought reasonable and proper, but in order to do this, it would be necessary for them to rent their present home.
Page 158 - I suppose," said Miss Shott, after lifting a corner of a blanket and rubbing and pinching it, "that these are all wool!" Then Willy thought herself privileged to speak, and for some minutes she dilated on the merits of those superb blankets, the like of which were not to be found in the whole State, and, perhaps, not in any State east of the Rocky Mountains. "Well...
Page 89 - I never would have thought of it if it hadn't been for the talk we had,— that we five are the persons that Mrs. Cliff would naturally mention in her will, not, perhaps, regarding any money she might have to leave—" "I don't see why !
Page 150 - You'll be the central tree, of course, but we'll have to plant shrubs — lilacs and things — and lay out nice green lawns and flower beds. We might get the Rotary Club to put in a fountain. By golly, the more I think of the idea, the better I like it! Smeed needs something like this! I'll knock off an editorial on Breathing Spaces for the Growing Gty." Mr. Gwilt glowed with pride to imagine himself the centre of all these public improvements. "Here is the wedding picture, John...

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