The Obligations of Reason: Exploring the Existence, Nature, Dynamics and Implications of the Natural Moral System

Jeff Huggins, 2006 - 412 pàgines
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Is there a universal human natural moral system-a moral system inherent in human nature, resulting from fundamental natural principles and evolutionary processes, discernible and explainable via the fast-improving scientific understanding of human behavior and evolution, and which satisfies the basic requirements associated with systems of morality? Is it valid-scientifically and rationally-to acknowledge the existence of the natural moral system and use it to improve human moral understanding? To inform public policy? To help address the shared problems of humanity? To help us live together better? To facilitate happiness?

What is the nature of the natural moral system? What are its foundational characteristics? What is the relationship between morality and survival? Morality and happiness? And what about meaning?

What are the obligations of political and corporate leaders, scientists, educators, and others to use the human gift of reason to help improve the human condition?

Integrating recent advances in scientific understanding, and viewing them from the standpoint of questions traditionally asked by philosophers, Jeff Huggins addresses these questions of immense relevance to the sustainability and quality of human life, biodiversity, and the environment as well as to our everyday lives as modern humans.


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Existence of the Natural Moral System
Exploring and Understanding the Natural Moral System
The Obligations of Reason
The Obligations of Reason Revisited
An Appeal
Some Central Landmarks and Works
Notes and References

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