The Official Manual of the Cripple Creek District, Colorado, U. S. A.

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Hills, 1900 - Cripple Creek (Colo.) - 495 pages

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Page 14 - a hole in Poverty Gulch without staking a claim in proper form. There seemed no need to do so; no one came to disturb him. The whole hill country was at that time fenced in so as to serve as a summer range for cattle. The cowboys and herdsmen looked good-naturedly at Bob's digging,
Page 13 - gold in workable quantity save in the prospect holes made by the original locators. Salting was suspected; the man who had instigated the rush was conspicuous by absence; an accomplice was caught with a bottle of yellow stuff in his pocket. It was not whisky, but its modern antidote, the chloride of gold. Man had
Page 255 - one to the east, and the other to the west of the
Page 14 - the new-comers were making inquiries, he re-located the claim as the El Paso, and De la Vergne, finding another lode, heavy in iron pyrites, to the west of Womack's vein, located a claim which he called the El Dorado. It was recorded a few days later, and in the certificate the district was called, for the first time, by the name which it
Page 13 - to remedy nature's seeming niggardliness and the rock had been artificially enriched. Angry feelings found vent in threats of lynching, but in the failure to lay hands
Page 18 - of the rock so as to give it a speckled appearance. The Cripple Creek breccia has this appearance, but it is due to the fact that it is made up of a heterogeneous mass of rock particles of every size, from the most minute powder to fragments as large as a man's head. These
Page 14 - Encouraged by their first visit, De la Vergne and Frisbee returned early in February, 1891. They found Bob Womack at work in Poverty Gulch. He had sunk a shaft to a depth of
Page 14 - feet, and encountered good ore. The claim he had pegged out was called the Chance, and a number of stakes indicated that he had re-located it six years in succession without recording the fact or complying with the conditions of the mining law in regard to the amount of assessment work
Page 17 - Porphyry" comes to us through the Greek word "porphyra," signifying purple. It was first used to designate a beautiful rock of this type which the Romans obtained from the quarries of Gebel Dokhan, on the shores of the Red sea. This original "porphyry," called by the Italians "porfido rosso antico," had, according to Zirkel, a beautiful blood-red
Page 24 - It is a double telluride, containing gold and silver, an average composition being 28 per cent, gold, 16 per cent, silver, and 56 per cent, tellurium. Sylvanite is a brilliant silvery-white mineral, having a characteristic crystalline habit, to which it owes its other name, "graphic tellurium," the arrangement of the crystals resembling Arabic lettering. On account of the

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