The Ohio Educational Monthly and the National Teacher: A Journal of Education, Volume 43

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W.D. Henkle, 1894 - Education

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Page 459 - dwells In heads replete with thoughts of other men, Wisdom in minds attentive to their own, Knowledge, a rude unprofitable mass, The mere materials with which wisdom builds. Till smoothed and squared and fitted to Us place Does but encumber whom It seems to enrich.
Page 396 - Nature, the old nurse, took The child upon her knee. Saying: 'Here Is a story book Thy Father has written for thee. "' Come wander with me,' she said, 'Into regions yet nntrod; And read what Is still unread In the manuscripts of God.
Page 52 - As far as my memory can return back into my past life, before I knew or was capable of guessing what the world, or glories, or business of it were, the natural affections of my soul gave a secret bent of aversion from them, as some plants are said to turn away from . others, by
Page 67 - Reading Maketh a Full Man; Conversation a Ready Man; and Writing an Exact Man." "And therefore, if a man write little, he had need have a great memory.
Page 547 - And if I should live to be The last leaf upon the tree, In the spring, Let them smile, as I do now, At the old forsaken bough, Where I cling.
Page 439 - whose morning drum-beat, following the sun, and keeping company with the hours, circles the earth with one continuous and unbroken strain of the martial airs of England,
Page 263 - When a religion is good, I conceive that it will support itself; and when it cannot support itself, and God does not take care to support it, so that its professors are obliged to call for the help of the civil power, it is a sign,
Page 316 - hand. Like those of the simple great ones gone Forever and ever by, One still strong man, In a blatant land, Whatever they call him, what care I, Aristocrat, democrat, autocrat,—one Who can rule and dare not lie.
Page 502 - The mind refuses to dwell on anything that is not connected with Shakespeare. His idea pervades the place ; the whole pile seems but as his mausoleum. The feelings, no longer checked and thwarted by doubt, here indulge in perfect confidence ; other traces of him
Page 396 - away With Nature, the dear old nurse. Who sang to him night and day The rhymes of the universe. "And whenever the way seemed long. Or his heart began to

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