The One Idea That Saves the World: A Call to Conscience and a Call to Action

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Indelible Mark Publishing, LLC, 2012 - Human ecology - 180 pages
Our house is on fire! Who will answer the call? Is there One Idea that can save the world? Is there One Idea that can bring us all together - no matter what our faith, our politics, our culture - to do what is necessary and right in the face of the enormous challenges that confront us - environmentally, economically, socially and spiritually?

Poet/philosopher/genealogist Laurence Overmire believes he has found an idea that can do just that. It is a very old idea, but we have not paid attention to its glaring ramifications. Will we change the way we think and the way we live or are we doomed to bring about the end of all that humankind has created and accomplished in the long course of our history on this planet?

This book is a warning. But it is also a call for wisdom and compassion. The author presents us with a roadmap for how to bring about the healthy world that we seek. His overall message is stirring, uplifting and full of hope.

This book will make you feel good about yourself, your neighbors, and this beautiful planet of which we all are a part. We can save the world. It's all up to us. Each one of us. As Overmire tells us, it's time to awaken to our best selves. And we haven't a moment to lose.


"This message of unity certainly reflects both the science around climate change and the movement we must build to challenge it!"
Bill McKibben, founder

"A thoughtful commentary on the biggest issue of our day - the survival of humankind."
Thom Hartmann, author and host of the Thom Hartmann Program

"This poet rightly yells Fire in our crowded house-the hour is late and the world needs rousing. Kudos for caring, daring, and acting on it. Firefighters needed!"
Raffi Cavoukian, singer, author, children's champion, ecology advocate, founder of Child Honouring

"Overmire had me on page 12 when he wrote that this book was about wisdom - which translates into 'immediate personal action.' He has really created a teaching vehicle - a very worthy work."
Bishop George Packard

"At a time when so many have surrendered to cynicism or despair, Overmire throws us a life ring... This book is fun and easy to read for a wide array of ages, making it a great conversation-starter. I can't wait to buy copies for my two sons!"
Rev. Kate Lore, Minister of Social Justice, First Unitarian Church of Portland, Oregon

"Laurence Overmire's poignant and passionate book, The One Idea That Saves the World, and his urgent call to live that one idea, presents a powerful truth and a heartfelt vision of hope that just may galvanize the world to do what needs to be done to save itself."
World Business Academy

"One Idea is a wise concept of how we, as individuals, can rise to the enormous challenges we face... This is a must read for everyone."
Adele Douglass, Founder/Executive Director, Humane Farm Animal Care

"The future of a habitable planet requires a significant shift from the status quo. Inertia and time are unified against us. Laurence Overmire has written a direct, simple, and compelling call to conscience. I hope people hear it."
Aaron Viles, Gulf Restoration Network

"The One Idea that Saves the World is an excellent delivery of a spirited message of how we as human beings can become conscious of living in balance and harmony - the TIME IS NOW."
Mona Polacca, member of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

"The One Idea is a simple, elegant and universally familiar concept that may well be the most potent prescription for what ails our society."
Jeff Farias, musician and radio host

"This is without a doubt the most important, honest, humble piece of prose and poetry you could read this year. Reading it isn't enough, however. You must be it, live it, do it!"
Donna Marie Miller Ellington, Americans for Healthcare, Too

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