The Only Way to Eternal Life

Trafford Publishing, 8 nov. 2005
For thousands of years mankind has been searching for the fountain of youth. Today, we are spending billions of dollars annually on beauty products, fitness activities and even surgery, in a bid to look younger and live longer – but with little success. The author, a physician, spent many years searching for the true meaning of life, beyond the cult of physical beauty and fitness. His quest took him through countless volumes of writings, and from an overloaded medical practice in Canada, to a four-year engagement as an orthopaedic surgeon in Bermuda, and finally to a more peaceful, contented professional and personal life back in Canada – with revelatory visits to other countries along the way. While Bermuda proved to be anything but a carefree island paradise – with its old boy network, highly questionable medical and legal standards, and no small measure of racial discrimination – it did serve to show the author the way to God. This book is an account of the author's search, through a seemingly endless series of professional hurdles and the often humorous trials and tribulations of everyday existence, for the meaning of life, and the path he followed to find what he believes to be the Absolute Truth and the Only Way to Achieve Eternal Life.

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