The Origin of Natural Structure

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A non-mathematical book based on the authors' academic papers, which pioneered the study on the structures of galaxies, the solar system and the universe, and can be understood by any middle school student! The authors' findings are simple: everything originates from the proportion order and its harmonic deviation. For a system of two bodies like the Earth-Moon or the Sun-Earth, the proportion order reduces to Newton's gravity. Can life exist without gravity? For example, International Space Station and its on-board astronauts fall freely around the Earth, and suffer no gravity. Can astronauts stay for a long time in the Station? The question is resolved on Yahoo Answers: "The longest stay is 430 days in space. As soon as a person leaves the earth's gravitational field, several things start to occur in the body. Circulatory problems: within 2 to 3 days there is a 22% blood volume decrease or loss. Muscle atrophy occurs in space at 5% per week. Bone atrophy occurs in space at 1% per month. Remember, our bodies were developed within the earth's gravity field, our muscles are needed to counter gravity. In space, we no longer need our muscles, so the brain starts to optimize the body by getting rid of what it doesn't need. ......"

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