The Osprey: An Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Popular Ornithology, Volumen 1;Volumen 6

Osprey Company, 1902

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Página 82 - Illustrations | of the | Birds | of | California, Texas, Oregon, British and [ Russian America. | Intended to contain descriptions and figures | of all | North American Birds | not given by former American authors, | and a | General Synopsis of North American Ornithology.
Página 20 - And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
Página 14 - To Dr. Richardson, in particular, the exclusive merit is due of whatever collections and observations have been made in the department of Natural History ; and I am indebted to him in no small degree for his friendly advice and assistance in the preparation of the present narrative.
Página 81 - Illustrations of the Birds of California, Texas and British and Russian America ; intended to comprise all the species of North- America, except Mexico...
Página 70 - is the leading ornithological publication of this country. Each number contains about 100 pages of text, a handsomelycolored plate, and other illustrations. The principal articles are by recognized authorities, and are of both a scientific and popular nature. The department of 'General Notes...
Página 20 - General Notes' gives brief records of new and interesting facts concerning birds contributed by observers from throughout the United States and Canada. Recent ornithological literature is reviewed at length and news items are commented upon by the editors. 'The Auk...
Página 52 - ... collection of our Society. But alas, that once ever open volume, so abounding in its wealth of knowledge, is now forever closed to us on earth, and with his fleeting spirit has passed from us that seemingly exhaustless treasury of science to which we never appealed in vain. As a man, our departed friend was of unswerving uprightness, warm-hearted, cordial and sincere, firm and abiding in his friendship, and only a foe to whatever was wrong, ungenerous or illiberal — possessed of strong, fervent...
Página 20 - Uean of the New York State College of Forestry; HENRY GANNETT, Geographer of the US Geological Survey; DR. JOHN GIFFORD ; PROF. HENRY S. GRAVES, of the Yale Forest School ; DR. CA SCHENCK, of Biltmore, NC; HON. JAMES WILSON, Secretary of Agriculture; PROF. WM. R. DUDLEY, of Stanford University, Cal.; PROF. NS SHALER, of Harvard University ; and many others of note and authority on their specialties. :: :: Besides a number of contributed articles, each issue of the magazine will contain a record of...
Página 84 - Subtitled as follows : Explorations and Surveys for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. War Department. Birds: By Spencer F. Baird, Assistant Secretary Smithsonian Institution, with the cooperation of John Cassin and George N. Lawrence. Washington, DC - 1858.

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