The Other Side of the Question: Or, An Attempt to Rescue the Characters of the Two Royal Sisters Q. Mary and Q. Anne, Out of the Hands of the D---s D----- of -----. In which All the Remarkables in Her Grace's Late Account are Stated in Their Full Strength, as Fully Answer'd; the Conduct of Several Noble Persons is Justify'd; and All the Necessary Lights are Thrown on Our Court-history from the Revolution, to the Change of the Ministry in 1710. In a Letter to Her Grace. By a Woman of Quality

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T. Cooper, 1742 - 467 oldal
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96. oldal - second, having endeavoured to subvert the constitution of " the kingdom, by breaking the original contract between " king and people — and, by the advice of Jesuits and other " wicked persons, having violated the fundamental laws, " and having withdrawn himself out of this kingdom — has " abdicated the government, and that the throne is thereby
432. oldal - I will never give the least obstruction to your measures, or to any ministers you shall please to employ. And I must beg further to make two humble requests to your majesty ; the one, that you will allow me to pass the remainder of my life always out of London, where I may find most ease and quiet: the other, that you would keep this letter, and read it again about next Christmas, and then be pleased to make your own judgment, who hath given you the best and most faithful advice.
432. oldal - Majesty's having taken a resolution of so much consequence to all your affairs both at home and abroad, without acquainting the Duke of Marlborough or me with it till after you had taken it, is the least part of my mortification in this whole affair.
12. oldal - Unhappy nation ! which expecting to be governed by the best, fell under the tyranny of the worst of her sex. But now, thanks be to God, that fury who broke loose to execute the vengeance of Heaven on a sinful people, is restrained, and the royal hand is reached out to chain...
164. oldal - I know the principles of the church of England, and I know also those of the Whigs, and it is that, and no other reason, which makes me think as I do of the last. And upon my word, my dear Mrs. Freeman, you are mightily mistaken in your notion of a true Whig, for the character you give of them does not in the least belong to them, but to the church.
167. oldal - Nor," says she, still boasting of her high disinterestedness, " had I any motive of private interest to bias me to the Whigs. Every body must see, that, had I consulted that oracle about the choice of a party, it would certainly have directed me to go with the stream of my mistress's inclination and prejudices. This would have been the surest way to secure my favour with her.
161. oldal - The word Church had never any charm for me in the mouths of those who made the most noise with it; for I could not perceive that they gave any other distinguishing proof of their regard for the thing, than a frequent use of the word like a spell to enchant weak minds, and a persecuting zeal against dissenters, and against those real friends of the Church who would not admit that persecution was agreeable to its doctrine.
165. oldal - I wish now, for your own sake, that you would stay till after lord-mayor's day, (Oct. 29, 2) for if you are in town you can't avoid going to the show, and being in the country is a just excuse, and I think one would be glad of any, to avoid so troublesome a bisness. I am at this time in great haste, and therefore can say no more to my dear, dear Mrs. Freeman, but that I am most passionately hers.
429. oldal - Majefty and the Kingdom if he had accepted that Offer : but he thought fit to decline it, and the Reafons generally given at that time for his doing fo, do not much recommend him to your Majcfty's Service. But I muft endeavour to let your Majefty fee Things as they really are.
257. oldal - I must do, if either he or his father should have any desires to have him see this country, it being a thing I cannot bear, to have any successor here, though but for a week. And therefore I shall depend upon you to do every thing on the other side of the water to prevent this mortification from coming upon her that is, and ever will be, most sincerely...

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