The Ottawa Naturalist, Volumes 14-15

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Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club., 1900 - Natural history

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Page 118 - Report on the Tetractinellida: collected by HMS "Challenger" during the years 1873-76 : The Voyage of HMS "Challenger,
Page 118 - On Some Remarkable Forms of Animal Life from the Great Deeps off the Norwegian Coast.
Page 57 - ... stratigraphic importance and all the varieties of fossils which can be gathered in this country ; the archaeological and ethonological evidences of the races we have supplanted in Canada, and much more that does not occur to me at the moment. I should not like to suggest a limit of expenditure on such museums. The necessity of a new building at Ottawa is admitted. The crime of leaving exposed to fire, in a wretched building never intended to protect anything of value, the precious results of...
Page 12 - The sculpture consists of round fossa1, which are deeply impressed and are arranged quincuncially, so that their borders never form straight lines. The latter are also more or less angulate on the edge, so that the surface has a more than usually rugose character.
Page 117 - Description of a new species of Calcareous Sponge from Vancouver Island, BC Ottawa Naturalist, vol.
Page 159 - Some 8 or !) were killed last winter, but as I tried and punished those who killed them it is thought * * * that no more depredations will occur. I understand that there has been an increase, since the animals were protected, of perhaps a couple of hundred, and it would appear to be only necessary to continue vigorous protective measures in order to perpetuate the...
Page 94 - It is next to impossible to broil or fry them, for they melt completely into oil. Some idea of their marvellous fatness may be gleaned from the fact, that the natives use them as lamps for lighting their lodges. The fish, when dried, has a piece of...
Page 117 - FRISTEDT, K. Sponges from the Atlantic and Arctic oceans, and the Behring Sea (translation).
Page 107 - Shell, or rather cast of the interior of the shell, of about the average size, valves regularly and rather strongly convex, varying in outline in different specimens from subcircular to longitudinally subovate, but always at least a little longer than high. Posterior side rather broader and much longer than the anterior, umbones broad, tumid prominent, very oblique and placed considerably in advance of the mid-length, beaks curved inward and forward, hinge line straight, horizontal, considerably...
Page 182 - ... Report 13) A141-143, 1901. In French pages 163166 (1900) Note on the glaciation of Mount Orford, Quebec. Canadian Record of Science, volume 8, pages 223-225 (1901) A hornblende lamprophyre dike at Richmond, Quebec. Canadian Record of Science, volume 8, pages 315-320 (1901) A preliminary note on an amygdaloidal trap rock in the Eastern Townships of the Province of Quebec. Ottawa Naturalist, volume 14, pages 180-182 (1901) On the petrography of Mount Orford, Quebec. American Geologist, volume 27,...

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