The Oxford Sausage: Or, Select Poetical Pieces

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Thomas Warton
J. Fletcher and Company, 1764 - College verse - 195 pages
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Page 48 - HAPPY the man who, void of cares and strife, In silken or in leathern purse retains A Splendid Shilling. He nor hears with pain New oysters...
Page 49 - Cadwallador and Arthur, kings Full famous in romantic tale) when he, O'er many a craggy hill and barren cliff, Upon a cargo of fam'd Cestrian cheese, High over-shadowing rides, with a design To vend his wares, or at th' Avonian mart, Or Maridunum, or the ancient town Yclep'd Brechinia, or where Vaga's stream Encircles Ariconium, fruitful soil!
Page 52 - Of loving friend delights ; distressed, forlorn, Amidst the horrors of the tedious night, Darkling I sigh, and feed with dismal thoughts My anxious mind ; or sometimes mournful verse Indite, and sing of groves and myrtle shades, Or desperate lady near a purling stream, Or lover pendent on a willow-tree.
Page 49 - Wisheth her health, and joy, and equal love. Meanwhile, he smokes, and laughs at merry tale, Or pun ambiguous, or conundrum quaint. But I, whom griping penury surrounds, And Hunger, sure attendant upon Want, With scanty offals, and small acid tiff, (Wretched repast!) my meagre corpse sustain: Then solitary walk, or doze at home...
Page 84 - tis not at all hard, For it was a swapping, swapping MALLARD. Oh ! by the blood, &c, Therefore let us sing and dance a galliard, To the remembrance of the MALLARD: And as the MALLARD dives in pool, Let us dabble, dive, and duck in bowl. Oh ! by the blood of King Edward, Oh ! by the blood of King Edward, It was a swapping, swapping MALLARD.
Page 53 - I labour with eternal drought, And restless wish, and rave : my parched throat Finds no relief, nor heavy eyes repose : But if a slumber haply does invade My weary limbs, my fancy's still awake ; Thoughtful of drink, and eager, in a dream, Tipples imaginary pots of ale In vain; awake, I find the settled thirst Still gnawing, and the pleasant phantom curse.
Page 56 - ... embrown'd, and fragrant nutmeg fraught, While the rich draught with oft-repeated whiffs Tobacco mild improves. Divine repast ! Where no crude surfeit, or intemperate joys Of lawless Bacchus...
Page 97 - Town, which once heycroV before. But, by this roving Meteor led, I tend Beyond my Theme, forgetful of my Friend. Then take Advice ; I preach not out of Time, When good Lord Middlefex is bent on Rhyme. Their Humour check'd, or Inclination croft, Sometimes the Friendfhip of the Great is loft. Unlefs call'd out to wench, be fure comply...
Page 51 - Where gates impregnable, and coercive chains, In durance strict detain him, till, in form Of money, Pallas sets the captive free.
Page 52 - Arachne in a hall or kitchen spreads, Obvious to vagrant flies ; she secret stands Within her woven cell ; the humming prey, Regardless of their fate, rush on the toils Inextricable, nor will aught avail Their arts or arms, or...

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