The Palestinian Strategic Report 2012-2013: al-Taqrir al-’Istratiji al-Filastini 2012-2013 (التقرير الاستراتيجي الفلسطيني 2012-2013)

الغلاف الأمامي
Dr. Mohsen M. Saleh
مركز الزيتونة للدراسات والاستشارات, 30‏/06‏/2015 - 400 من الصفحات
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 This annual referential report, has become an essential classic in the academic realm of Palestinian Studies. It includes the latest and most recent statistical and analytic data on the various developments related to the Palestinian issue.

Al-Zaytouna Center for Studies and Consultations in Beirut has published the Palestinian Strategic Report 2012-2013 (PSR).

The Palestinian Strategic Report (PSR) is one of al-Zaytouna’s most important academic studies, published periodically in both English and Arabic. Today, it can be surely asserted that PSR is a must reference for every researcher and academic who are interested in the contemporary developments of the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Israeli conflict. The PSR reviews biennially the various developments concerning the Palestinian question in a comprehensive, objective and academic manner. It offers a wealth of data, up-to-date statistics, and analyzes and offers an outlook of future events.

The PSR 2012–2013 falls in 400 pages and seven chapters. Edited by Dr. Mohsen Mohammad Saleh, PSR 2012–2013 was written by 13 specialized researchers, and reviewed by three consultants. The seven chapters cover the internal Palestinian scene, the Israeli-Palestinian scene, the Palestinian issue and the Arab world, the Palestinian issue and the Muslim world, the Palestinian issue and the international situation, the land and the holy sites, and the demographic, economic and educational Indicators.


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Table of Contents 5 List of Tables 11 List of Abbreviations 15 List of Contributors 17 Introduction
The Emergency Government in the West Bank WB 29 1 The Worsening Financial Crisis and Economic Conditions 30 2 Opening Corruption Cases 3...
Internal Palestinian Relations 51 1 Hamass Internal Situation 51 2 Fatahs Internal Situation
Security Forces and Security Coordination 57 Conclusion
The Most Prominent Demographic Economic
Stances of the League of Arab States 140 1 Impact of Changes and Uprisings on the Palestinian Issue 140 2 The Stance on the Peace Settlement
Stances and Roles of Some Key Countries 142 1 Egypt 142 2 Jordan 151 3 Syria 156 4 Lebanon 159 5 KSA and the Gulf Countries 165 6 Other Ara...
International Public Opinion 255 Conclusion
Islamic and Christian Holy Sites
Jerusalems Population Under Occupation 281 1 The Reality of the Demographic Battle 282 2 Attempts to Expel Palestinian Residents 285 3 Demoliti...
Political Developments Concerning Jerusalem
Israeli Attacks on Agriculture and Water Resources 303 Seventh Demolition of Buildings 306 Eighth The Separation Wall
Bypass Roads and Checkpoints 310 Conclusion
Demographic Indicators 321 1 The Palestinian Population Worldwide 321 2 The Demographic Characteristics of Palestinians 324 3 The Palestinian R...
Economic Indicators in the WB and GS 336 1 Gross Domestic Product GDP in PA Territories WB and GS 336 2 GDP per Capita in PA Territories

Organization of Islamic Cooperation OIC 191 Second Turkey 193 Third Iran
Malaysia 214 Fifth Pakistan 216 Sixth Trade Exchange 217 Conclusion
The Quartet
The United States of America US 229 Third The European Union EU 237 Fourth BRICS Countries 241 1 Russia 244 2 China 247 3 India 248 Fifth J...
Educational Indicators in the WB and GS 363 1 The General Educational and Cultural Situation 363 2 Basic and Secondary Education
University Education 368 4 University and Community Colleges 371 Conclusion 372 Index
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