The Papal Conclaves, as They Were and as They are

Chapman and Hall, 1876 - 434 頁

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第 367 頁 - doing his duty in that state of life to which it had pleased God to call him, and
第 360 頁 - night, accompanied by several porters carrying sacks of coin, the proceeds of the week's extortions and sales, to her own palace; and during these short absences she used to lock the Pope into his chamber and carry the key with her
第 356 頁 - She accompanied the new Pope to the Vatican, and established herself there as its mistress! No step of domestic government or foreign policy decided on,
第 291 頁 - was of the Aldobrandino or Clementine faction, that party had not thought of making him Pope. Though he was much beloved, and his character stood high, still, as our author remarks, his being a Jesuit, and being known to be " delicate of conscience," did not recommend him for the Papacy. The fact was that the
第 295 頁 - The sick man was known to be a very intimate friend of Cardinal Tosco; and Aldobrandino meant it to be supposed by everybody that San Marcello would never have thought of coming into the Conclave in his state were it not for the purpose of securing the election of his friend. Indeed, the poor invalid
第 295 頁 - respite which he calculated on employing in putting his adversaries on a false scent. While still continuing every effort to seduce some one or two voices from the allied party, he caused it to be rumoured in the Conclave that he had abandoned the hope of electing San Clemente, and was now intent on
第 307 頁 - still willing to follow his lead ; but that by their present position of indecision at so critical a moment they were only risking the election of a Pope in spite of them, when it was in their power, without any sacrifice of principle, by yielding gracefully, to take their share in the election, and
第 289 頁 - It will be readily imagined how tangled and vast a mass of hypocrisies, false promises, and cross purposes such a system, together with all the variety of motives and interests at work in those scarlet-hatted old heads, must have occasioned. The first move in the Conclave was an attempt on the part of
第 290 頁 - Cardinal Saoli himself was unwilling to risk it. He was fully persuaded, says the conclavist, that Aldobrandino's illness would compel him to quit the Conclave, in which case he would have been sure of his election by the ordinary means of voting. He was mistaken in his calculation, and lost a chance which, the conclavist thinks, would
第 300 頁 - of ten days, thinking that this would give him time to try the chances of his own special friends. Having obtained this, Montalto had gone to bed on the night of the 15th, tranquil on the subject of Tosco's candidature, when he was suddenly waked by the noise of Aldobrandino, accompanied by all his adherents and the