The Parliamentary Debates

Reuter's Telegram Company, 1892

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977 페이지 - House for the purpose of discussing a definite matter of urgent public importance and state the matter.
61 페이지 - Whether such a day will ever come I know not. But never will I attempt to avert or to retard it. Whenever it comes, it will be the proudest day in English history. To have found a great people sunk in the lowest depths of slavery and superstition, to have so ruled them as to have made them desirous and capable of all the privileges of citizens, would indeed be a title to glory all our own.
61 페이지 - It may be that the public mind of India may expand under our system till it has outgrown that system ; that by good government we may educate our subjects into a capacity for better government ; that, having become instructed in European knowledge, they may, in some future age, demand European institutions. Whether such a day will ever come I know not. But never will I attempt to avert or to retard it. Whenever it comes, it will be the proudest day in English history.
103 페이지 - The people of India are quite capable of administering their own affairs, and the municipal feeling is deeply rooted in them. The village communities, each of which is a little republic, are the most abiding of Indian institutions.
81 페이지 - I would ask, then, how could any reasonable man imagine that the British government would be content to allow this microscopic minority to control the administration of that majestic and multiform empire, for whose safety and welfare they are responsible in the eyes of God and before the face of civilization ! It appears to me a groundless contention that it represents the people of India.
73 페이지 - Under-Secretary has been in his speech. The honourable member, however, did not venture to indicate where the materials for the elective element in India are to be found. Undoubtedly, as far as my own prepossessions go, I should look presumptively with the greatest amount of expectation and hope to the municipal bodies of India, and to the local authorities, in which the elective element is already included in that country.
619 페이지 - That it be an instruction to the committee that they have power to alter the law of rating...
73 페이지 - It is evident that the great question — and it is one of great and profound interest — before the House is that of the introduction of the elective element into the government of India. That question overshadows and absorbs everything else. It is a question of vital importance ; but it is at the same time of great difficulty.
955 페이지 - That if it shall appear that any person hath been tampering with any witness, in respect of his evidence to be given to this house, or any committee thereof, or directly or indirectly hath endeavoured to deter or hinder any person from appearing or giving evidence, the same is declared to be a high crime and misdemeanour ; and this house will proceed with the utmost severity against such offender.
105 페이지 - The government of a people by itself has a meaning and a reality ; but such a thing as government of one people by another does not and cannot exist. One people may keep another as a warren or preserve for its own use, a place to make money in, a human cattle farm to be worked for the profit of its own inhabitants.

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