The Parliamentary Register: Or, History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons, Volym 7


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Sida 133 - One thousand eight hundred and thirty-six ; to permit such Persons in Great Britain as have omitted to make and file Affidavits of the Execution of Indentures of Clerks to Attornies and...
Sida 152 - An act for the better support of His Majesty's household, and of the honour and dignity of the crown of Great Britain,' to which your Commons humbly beg your royal assent.
Sida 95 - We are the aggressors. We have invaded them. We have invaded them as much as the Spanish armada invaded England. Mercy cannot do harm: it will seat the King where he ought to be, throned on the hearts of his people; and millions at home and abroad, now employed in obloquy or revolt, would pray for him'.
Sida 96 - War between France and Great Britain, he said, was not less probable because it had not yet been declared : it would be folly in France to declare it now, while America gave full employment to our arms, and was pouring into her lap her wealth and produce ; the benefit of which she was enjoying in peace. He enlarged much on the importance of America to this country, which, in peace and in war, he observed, he ever considered as the great source of all our wealth and power.
Sida 130 - I trust in the Divine Providence that, by a well-concerted and vigorous exertion of the great force you have put into my hands, the operations of this campaign, by sea and land, will be...
Sida 119 - Lordships have passed since 1763. I would put our brethren in America precisely on the same footing they stood at that period. I would expect, that being left at liberty to tax themselves, and dispose of their own property, they would, in return, contribute to the common burthens, according to their means and abilities.
Sida 94 - I will venture to tell your Lordships, that the American gentry will make officers enough fit to command the troops of all the European powers. What you have sent there are too many to make peace, too few to make war. If you conquer them, what then ? You cannot make them respect you; you cannot make them wear your cloth. You will plant an invincible hatred in their breasts against you. Coming from the stock they do, they can never respect you.
Sida 94 - The intercourse has produced every thing to France; and England. Old England, must pay for all. I have, at different times, made different propositions, adapted to the circumstances ; in which they were offered.
Sida 132 - An act for making perpetual an act made in the 12th year of his present majesty, for encouraging the manufacture of leather, by lowering the duty payable upon the importation of oak bark, when the price of such bark shall exceed a certain rate. An act to amend an act of the last session of parliament, for granting to his majesty a sum of money to be raised by lotteries.
Sida 135 - That JOHN WILKES, Efq; having been in this feffion of Parliament expelled this Houfe, was and is incapable of being elefted a Member to ferve in this prefent Parliament.

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