The Parliamentary Register: Or an Impartial Report of the Debates that Have Occured in the Two Houses of Parliament, Volume 3

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Page 10 - York," reported the same without amendment, and the bill was ordered to be read a third time on Monday next.
Page 73 - GENERAL moved the order of the day for the Houfe to go into a Committee...
Page 310 - The Bill was read a fecond time, and ordered to be committed to a Committee of the whole Houfe the next day. Mr.-Joddrell moved that the Dead Body Bill be read a fecond time on Monday next.
Page 30 - The order of the day was read for the Houfe to refolve itfelf into a Committee of Supply.
Page 186 - Aft, after ftating certain penalties and incapacities under \vhich the Catholics did then labour, thus proceeds : " Whereas, from their uniform peaceable behaviour for a long feries of years...
Page 501 - Vienna, to the amount iri value of the fum of four millions fterling, bearing intereft at the rate of five per cent, on the amount of the nominal capitals of this loan ; and, according to the gradual redemption of the bonds bearing intereft at...
Page 75 - It is with the greatest concern his majesty acquaints the house of commons, that from the accounts which have been laid before his majesty by the Prince of Wales, it appears that the prince has incurred a debt to a large amount, which if left to be discharged out of his annual income, would render it impossible for him to support an establishment suited to his rank and station. " Painful as it is at all times to his...
Page 188 - That no Bill on the subject was in fact brought in — and that Ministry were informed, that none would be brought in without their knowledge ; nor until of late, and after Lord Fitzwilliam's departure, was such a thing attempted. That the then Lord-Lieutenant communicated largely all his ideas on the subject. That whilst the proposed Bill was not yet introduced into the House of Commons, and...
Page 69 - The order of the day was read for the Houfe to go into a Committee upon the bill to regúlate the law, with refped to ballots in cafes of controverted elections.
Page 45 - Sir, that a copy of the Warrant of the Secretary of State, for the apprehending of Richard Brothers, be laid before this Houfe, together with a copy of the information on which this motion was grounded.

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