The Partner-Parent Principle

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Untreed Reads Publishing, LLC, 2011 - Family & Relationships - 160 pages
The Partner-Parent Principle is filled with practical and positive relationship advice for parents, to help couples enjoy the great bits of parenthood, brace for the bad and hopefully get through it all with their relationships (and senses of humor) still intact.The book is based on detailed research and extensive interviews, and gives a unique insight into both the female and male points of view. As once-equal couples often find themselves living very different lives to each other when kids come along, it is essential that they understand more about what each other is going through if they're to avoid the all-too-common curse of resentment. It means Dads will want Mums to read it just as much as Mums will want Dads.The book is crammed with quotes from men and women at the frontline of parenting young kids: many funny, many sad, and many that will strike a clear chord with other parents, giving much-needed reassurance that they're not alone.The book looks at ways couples can better prepare themselves for the onslaught of parenting, understand each other better and find ways to share the good and bad bits, find help from family, friends and support networks, find time away from the kids so they've got more energy when they're with them, cope with the extra pressures that come from having tough kids or suffering depression and even improve their sex lives.There is also some expert advice - and warning - about what really happens if parents do part. One in five couples now split by the time their children are 5 years old and often damage their kids in the process.In short, this book is timely - and necessary - for every couple working towards a healthy relationship with their children and each other.

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Oliver Roberts is a cross-training and nutrition writer on a variety of health and fitness subjects. His other books include"How to Get Wheely Fit", also published by Barron's. He lives and works in England.

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