The Philosophical Magazine: Or Annals of Chemistry, Mathematics, Astronomy, Natural History and General Science, Volume 1

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Richard Taylor, 1827 - Physics

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Page 36 - to the law of electrical attractions and repulsions, and advanced the hypothesis, " that chemical and electrical attraction were produced by the same cause, acting in one case on particles, in the other on masses;" and that the same property, under different modifications, was the cause of all the phenomena exhibited by different voltaic combinations.
Page 48 - of the science of corpuscular motion. His merits in this respect resemble those of Kepler in Astronomy. The causes of chemical change are as yet unknown, and the laws by which they are governed; but in their connection with electrical and magnetic phenomena, there is a gleam of light pointing to a new dawn in science.
Page 201 - of the toes: the great toe is set on nearly at right angles to the foot, and is relatively very short. The original colour of the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet is somewhat uncertain, in consequence of the effect of the spirit in which they have been preserved.
Page 278 - The new Tables for computing the Aberration, Precession, and Nutation of 2881 principal fixed stars, together with a Catalogue of the same, are now completed, and have been some time in the hands of the public. This important work was first suggested, and the formulae for the computations were investigated and practically arranged by F. Baily, Esq.
Page 90 - acids. Potassium and its amalgams; barium and its amalgams; amalgam of zinc; zinc; amalgam of ammonium (?); cadmium, tin, iron, bismuth, antimony (?), lead, copper, silver, palladium, tellurium, gold, charcoal, platinum, iridium, rhodium. With alkaline solutions. The alkaline metals and their amalgams: zinc, tin, lead, copper, iron, silver, palladium, gold, platinum, &c.
Page 281 - and intelligent observer. The meeting then proceeded to the election of Officers for the ensuing year, when the following List was delivered in by the scrutineers: viz. President: JFW Herschel, Esq.
Page 48 - pure. I am sure he will be gratified by this mark of your approbation of his long and painful labours. It will give a lustre to his character which it fully deserves. It will anticipate that opinion which posterity must form of his discoveries, and it may make his example more exciting to others
Page 59 - to Mr. John Dalton, of Manchester, for the development of the chemical theory of definite proportions, usually called the Atomic Theory, and for his various other labours in chemical and physical science. He
Page 199 - were not very conspicuous, and seemed to be small in proportion to his size. The hair of his coat was smooth and glossy when he was first killed, and his teeth and appearance altogether indicated that he was young and in the full possession of his physical powers. Upon the whole/' adds his biographer,
Page 48 - another motive which influenced them, and which, I am sure, will command your sympathy. Mr. Dalton has been labouring for more than a quarter of a century with the most disinterested views. With the greatest modesty and simplicity of character, he has remained in the obscurity of the country, neither asking for approbation nor offering himself as an object of applause. He

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