The Philosophy of Ancient Greece Investigated: In Its Origin and Progress ...

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Page 258 - ' naturally tend to the centre of the univerfe : we " know by experience that heavy bodies tend to " the centre of the earth : therefore the centre of " the earth is the centre of the univerfe.
Page 292 - Eft modus in rebus, funt certi denique fines, Quos ultra, citraque nequit confiftere reftum. Illuc, unde abii, redeo: nemon...
Page 257 - Whatever is, is ; and, that a thing cannot be, and not be, at the fame time...
Page 164 - Piso, naturane nobis hoc, inquit, datum dicam an errore quodam : ut, cum ea loca videamus, in quibus memoria dignos viros acceperimus multum esse versatos, magis moveamur, quam siquando eorum ipsorum aut facta audiamus, aut scriptum aliquod legamus ? velut ego nunc moveor.
Page 142 - It cannot be," faid Diodorus Cronos, " that any thing is moved *. For either it moves in the place where it is, or in that where it is not ; but it...
Page 253 - There is another divifion of fyllogifms according to their modes. The mode of a fyllogifm is determined by the quality and quantity of the propofitions of which it confifts. Each of the three propofitions muft be either an univerfal affirmative, or an univerfal negative, or a particular affirmative, or a particular negative. Thefe four kinds of propofitions, as was before obferved, have been named by the four vowels, A, E, I, O ; by which means the mode of a fyllogifm is marked by any three of thofe...
Page 24 - Non tacitas Erebi fedes, Ditifque profundi, Pallida regna petunt ; regit idem fpiritus artus Orbe alio ; longae canitis fi cognita vitae.
Page 253 - ... claim he has to the invention of topics, or general heads of every kind of queftion or argument, together with the methods * of treating them pertinently, and to moft advantage.
Page 81 - ... is the virtue of the whole to the virtue of the part, in refpect of power and efficacy.

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