The Philosophy of Monotheism: One God

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AuthorHouse, 2006 - 448 pages
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The Philosophy of Monotheism is a quest for a comprehensive understanding of human existence in conformance with The Creator Lord of the Universe. The objective in the Philosophy of Monotheism is to consider the rational justification of logical inferences, Creator's values, criteria for establishing the claims of knowledge and certainty with reference to Almighty The-God (Alloh / Elohim), and interpretations of the creation-reality. The united insights of all the Prophets and Messengers from the Biblical times to the finalisation of Almighty The-God's religion of Submission: Al Islam (Shalom), all contributed resources to stimulate united philosophical thinking based on reality on the matter of Monotheism, meaning Oneness of The-God. This book "The Philosophy of Monotheism" is a manual to human success and discusses that Monotheism (Tauheed) is not opposed to differences of opinion among humans, pluralism in subordinate leadership, freedom of choice, tolerance of others, values pertaining to moral and democratic principles. The Monotheism is rather the foundation for all of them. Be wise to read this book.

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