The Poetical Works of Edmund Spenser in Five Volumes, Том 3

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William Pickering, Chancery Lane; Nattali and Combe, Tavistock Street; Talboys and Wheeler, Oxford, 1825 - 434 страници
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Страница 135 - So all the world by thee at first was made, And dayly yet thou doest the same repayre ; Ne ought on earth that merry is and glad, Ne ought on earth that lovely is and fayre, But thou the same for pleasure didst prepayre : Thou art the root of all that joyous is : Great God of men and women, queene of th...
Страница 151 - Ouse came far from land, By many a city and by many a towne And many rivers taking under-hand Into his waters as he passeth downe, The Cle, the Were, the Grant, the Sture, the Rowne. Thence doth by Huntingdon and Cambridge flit, My mother Cambridge, whom as with a Crowne He doth adorne, and is adorn'd of it With many a gentle Muse and many a learned wit.
Страница 136 - As if some blame of evill she did feare, That in her cheekes made roses oft appeare : And her against sweet Cherefulnesse was placed, Whose eyes, like twinkling stars in evening cleare, Were deckt with smyles that all sad humors chaced, And darted forth delights the which her goodly graced.
Страница 106 - For naturall affection soone doth cesse, And quenched is with Cupids greater flame ; But faithfull friendship doth them both suppresse, And them with maystring discipline doth tame, Through thoughts aspyring to eternall fame.
Страница 158 - And also those which wonne in th* azure sky ! For much more eath to tell the starres on hy, Albe they endlesse seeme in estimation, Then to recount the Seas posterity : So fertile be the flouds in generation, So huge their numbers, and so numberlesse their nation. n. Therefore the antique wisards well invented That Venus of the fomy sea was bred ; For that the seas by. her are most augmented. Witnesse th' exceeding fry which there are fed, And wondrous sholes which may of none be red.
Страница 37 - That Girdle gave the vertue of chast love And wivehood true to all that did it beare ; But whosoever contrarie doth prove, Might not the same about her middle weare> But it would loose, or else asunder teare.
Страница 170 - So oft as I with state of present time The image of the antique world compare, When as mans age was in his freshest prime, And the first blossome of faire vertue bare; Such oddes I finde twixt those, and these which are, As that, through long continuance of his course, Me seemes the world is runne quite out of square From the first point of his appointed sourse ; And, being once...
Страница 373 - But, in the triall of true Curtesie, Its now so farre from that which then it was, That it indeed is nought but forgerie, Fashion'd to please the eies of them that pas, Which see not perfect things but in a glas...
Страница 260 - Like as a wayward childe, whose sounder sleepe Is broken with some fearefull dreames affright, With froward will doth set him selfe to weepe; Ne can be stild for all his nurses might, But kicks, and squals, and shriekes for fell despight: Now scratching her, and her loose locks misusing; Now seeking darkenesse, and now seeking light; Then crauing sucke, and then the sucke refusing. Such was this Ladies fit, in her loues fond accusing.
Страница 147 - Joy on those warlike women, which so long Can from all men so rich a kingdome hold ! And shame on you, O men ! which boast your strong And valiant hearts, in thoughts lesse hard and bold, Yet quaile in conquest of that land of gold.