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Page 331 - The laws of changeless justice bind Oppressor with oppressed; And close as sin and suffering joined We march to fate abreast.
Page 371 - If there be some weaker one, Give me strength to help him on ; If a blinder soul there be, Let me guide him nearer Thee. Make my mortal dreams come true With the work I fain would do ; Clothe with life the weak intent, Let me be the thing I meant...
Page 155 - Gone, gone, — sold and gone, To the rice-swamp dank and lone. From Virginia's hills and waters ; Woe is me, my stolen daughters ! Gone, gone, — sold and gone, To the rice-swamp dank and lone.
Page 310 - And if, in our unworthiness, Thy sacrificial wine we press ; If from Thy ordeal's heated bars Our feet are seamed with crimson scars, Thy will be done! If, for the age to come, this hour Of trial hath vicarious power, And, blest by Thee, our present pain, Be Liberty's eternal gain, Thy will be done!
Page ii - Nor mine the seer-like power to show The secrets of the heart and mind; To drop the plummet-line below Our common world of joy and woe, A more intense despair or brighter hope to find.
Page 127 - What, ho! our countrymen in chains! The whip on woman's shrinking flesh! Our soil yet reddening with the stains Caught from her scourging, warm and fresh! What! mothers from their children riven! What! God's own image bought and sold! Americans to market driven, And bartered as the brute for gold!
Page 262 - To weary hearts, to mourning homes, God's meekest Angel gently comes : No power has he to banish pain, Or give us back our lost again ; And yet in tenderest love, our dear And Heavenly Father sends him here.
Page 136 - What! preach and kidnap men? Give thanks, and rob thy own afflicted poor? Talk of thy glorious liberty, and then Bolt hard the captive's door? What! servants of thy own Merciful Son, who came to seek and save The homeless and the outcast, fettering down The tasked and plundered slave! Pilate and Herod, friends! Chief priests and rulers, as of old, combine! Just God and holy! is that church, which lends Strength to the spoiler, thine?
Page 220 - Egypt's sands! This day we fashion Destiny, our web of Fate we spin ; This day for all hereafter choose we holiness or sin ; Even now from starry Gerizim, or Ebal's cloudy crown, We call the dews of blessing or the bolts of cursing down...
Page 259 - And that cloud itself, which now before thee Lies dark in view, Shall with beams of light from the inner glory Be stricken through. And like meadow mist through Autumn's dawn Uprolling thin, Its thickest folds when about thee drawn Let sun-light in. Then of what is to be, and of what is done Why queriest thou ? — The past and the time to be are one, And both are NOW ! TO A FRIEND, ON HER RETURN FROM EUROPE.

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