The Poetical Works of the Rev. Dr. Edward Young: With the Life of the Author, Volume 4

Benjamin Johnson, Jacob Johnson, & Robert Johnson, 1805

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Pagina 64 - Pleasures are few, and fewer we enjoy ; Pleasure, like quicksilver, is bright, and coy\ We strive to grasp it with our utmost skill, Still it eludes us, and it glitters still : If seiz'd at last, compute your mighty gains; What is it, but rank poison in your veins...
Pagina 72 - Tis greatly wise to know before we're told The melancholy news that we grow old. Autumnal Lyce carries in her face Memento mori to each public place. O how your beating breast a mistress warms Who looks through spectacles to see your charms ! While rival undertakers hover round, And with his spade the sexton marks the ground, Intent not on her own, but others' doom, She plans new conquests and defrauds the tomb.
Pagina 34 - Impatient art rebukes the sun's delay, And bids December yield the fruits of May ; Their various cares in one great point combine The business of their lives, that is — to dine. Half of their precious day they give the feast ; And to a kind digestion spare the rest.
Pagina 62 - O sacred solitude ; divine retreat ! • Choice of the prudent ! envy of the great ! By thy pure stream, or in thy waving shade, We court fair wisdom, that celestial maid : The genuine offspring of her lov'd embrace, (Strangers on earth,) are innocence and peace.
Pagina 73 - Like blushing rose-buds dipp'd in morning dew? Who into shelter takes their tender bloom, And forms their minds to flee from ills to come ? The mind, when turn'd adrift, no rules to guide, Drives at the mercy of the wind and tide ; Fancy and passion toss it to and fro ; Awhile torment, and then quite sink in woe.
Pagina 72 - But adoration ! give me something more, Cries LYCE, on the borders of threescore : Nought treads so silent as the foot of time ; Hence we mistake our autumn for our prime ; 'Tis greatly wise to know, before we're told, The melancholy news, that we grow old. Autumnal LYCE carries in her face Memento mori to each public place.
Pagina 100 - One to destroy, is murder by the law ; And gibbets keep the lifted hand in awe ; To murder thousands, takes a specious name, War's glorious art, and gives immortal fame.
Pagina 61 - O'erstock'd mankind enjoy but half her stores : In distant wilds, by human eyes unseen, She rears her flowers, and spreads her velvet green : Pure gurgling rills the lonely desert trace, And waste their music on the savage race.
Pagina 83 - Think nought a trifle, though it small appear ; Small sands the mountain, moments make the year, And trifles life.
Pagina 35 - Absence of mind Brabantio turns to fame, Learns to mistake, nor knows his brother's name ; Has words and thoughts in nice disorder set, And takes a memorandum to forget. Thus vain, not knowing what adorns, or blots, Men forge the patents, that create them sots. As love of pleasure into pain betrays, So most grow infamous thro

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