The Political Economy of Full Employment: Conservatism, Corporation, and Institutional Change

Philip Arestis, Mike Marshall
E. Elgar Pub., 1995 - 281 頁
This timely volume features essays from an international group of economists who address issues relevant to the objective of securing full employment. The authors adopt a political economy approach which highlights the nature and significance of institutional change.
As well as offering a detailed empirical investigation of the unemployment experience in advanced countries, the book makes a critical evaluation of New Right economic policy making in the UK and the US. Working from a political economic perspective, the authors examine the main international and domestic obstacles to the achievement of full employment, the prospects for job creation in the UK, and the impact of technological change.
The Political Economy of Full Employment features essays that make a contribution to a vital scholarly debate while remaining accessible to an undergraduate audience, ensuring that it will be widely and profitably used by economists at all levels.


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obstacles to and strategies for the achievement
Obstacles to full employment in capitalist economies

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關於作者 (1995)

Edited by Philip Arestis, University Director of Research, Cambridge Centre for Economic and Public Policy, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge and Fellow, Wolfson College, UK and Mike Marshall, former Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of East London, UK