The Political Songs of England: From the Reign of John to that of Edward II.

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Page 70 - The Kyng of Alemaigne gederede ys host, Makede him a castel of a mulne post, Wende with is prude, ant is muchele bost, Brohte from Alemayne mony sori gost To store Wyndesore.
Page 111 - Let the community of the realm advise, and let it be known what the generality, to whom their own laws are best known, think on the matter. They who are ruled by the laws know those laws best, they who make daily trial of them are best acquainted with them ; and since it is their own affairs which are at stake, they will take more care, and will act with an eye to their own peace.
Page 255 - That other seide a word ful god, ' Whoso roweth ajein the flod, Off sorwe he shal drinke ; Also hit fareth bi the unsele, A man shal have litel hele Ther agein to swinke.
Page 183 - E vendre fet commune gent vaccas, vas, et pannum. Non placet ad summum quindenum sic dare nummum. Une chose est countre foy, unde gens gravatur, Que la meyte ne vient al roy, in regno quod levatur.
Page 236 - Je pri tote bone gent qe pur moi vueillent prier, Qe je pus a mon pais aler e chyvaucher ; Unqe ne fu homicide, certes a moun voler, Ne mal robberes pur gent damager. Cest rym fust fet al bois desouz un lorer, La chaunte merle, russinole, e eyre 1'esperver ; Escrit estoit en parchemyn pur mout remenbrer, E gitte en haut chemyn, qe um le dust trover.
Page 45 - Donum Dei non donatur Nisi gratis conferatur; Quod qui vendit vel mercatur, Lepra Syri vulneratur; quem sic ambit ambitus, ydolorum servitus templo sancti spiritus Non compaginatur.
Page 240 - Whil God wes on erthe And wondrede wyde, Whet wes the resoun, Why he nolde ryde? For he nolde no grom 70 To go by ys syde, Ne grucchyng of no gedelyng To chaule ne to chyde.
Page 248 - Gret deol me myhte se thore, 55 Mony mon is honde wrynge. The Pope of Peyters stod at is masse With ful gret solempnete, Ther me con the soule blesse : " Kyng Edward honoured thou be...
Page 69 - Kyng 1 of Alemaigne, bi mi leaute, Thritti thousent pound askede he For te make the pees in the countre, Ant so he dude more. Richard, thah thou be ever trichard, Tricthen shalt thou never more.
Page 374 - Thei do but gode, the kynges men, Thei ar worse then sich ten That bene with hym no dell. Thei goo aboute be .viij. or nyne, And done the husbondes mycull pyne, That carfull is their mele. Thei take geese, capons, and henne, And alle that ever thei may with renne, And reves us our catell. Sum of them was bonde sore, And afturwarde honget therfore, For soth as I you say. jet ar ther of them nyne moo ; For at my hows thei were also, Certis, jUturday. Thei toke my hennes and my geese, And my schepe...