The Popular Scotish Biography: Being Lives of Eminent Natives of Scotland. Brought Down to the Present Time, from the Most Authentic Sources

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Edinburgh printing and publishing Company, 1842 - 795 strani

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Stran 335 - the following Sabbath Mr Gillespie, whose fate was universally commiserated, preached to his people in the fields at Carnock, choosing for his text the very appropriate declaration of St Paul, " For necessity is laid upon me, yea, woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel." A church having been provided for him at
Stran 105 - of which Dr Johnson thus expressed himself to the author : — '' Your Journal is curious and delightful. I know not whether I could name any narrative by which curiosity is better excited or better gratified." The work was very favourably received, and was speedily translated into the German, Dutch, Italian, and French languages. In the following winter, Mr Boswell wrote
Stran 23 - A scholar, with great brilliance of wit; a wit, who, in the crowd of life, retained and discovered a noble ardour of religious zeal ; a man estimable for his learning, amiable for his life, and venerable for his piety.
Stran 4 - College of Surgeons, he published in 1814 the subject of his first two lectures, under the title of " An Enquiry into Mr Hunter's Theory of Life, " elucidatory of his old master's opinions of the vital processes. In 1809 appeared his " Surgical Observations on the Constitutional Origin and Treatment of Local Diseases, and on Aneurisms,
Stran 93 - letter to Dr Blair had been sent off, he received from Johnson, on ! Christmas eve, 1776, a note in which was the following paragraph : " I have read over Dr Blair's first sermon with more than approbation ; to say it is good, is to say too little.
Stran 176 - the wisdom and goodness of the Deity ; and this, in the first place, from considerations independent of written revelation, and, in the second place, from the revelation of the Lord Jesus ; and from the whole to point out the inferences most necessary and useful to mankind.
Stran 636 - An Essay on Quantity, occasioned by reading a Treatise, in which Simple and Compound Ratios are applied to Virtue and Merit." In 1752 he was elected Professor of Moral Philosophy in King's College, Old Aberdeen. Soon after his removal there, in conjunction with his friend, Dr
Stran 288 - I trust, the practice, of this parental lesson to my grave. I have hitherto followed it, and have no reason to complain that my obedience to it has been even a temporal sacrifice. 1 have found it, on the contrary, the road to prosperity and wealth ; and I
Stran 50 - God and man. If, after all these warnings and advertisements, thou dost not turn unto the Lord with all thy heart, but forget him who remembered thee in thy distress, and give up thyself to lust and vanity, surely great will be thy condemnation.
Stran 327 - to the Boorendo Pass in the Himalaya Mountains, by Major Sir William Lloyd; and Captain Alexander Gerard's Account of an Attempt to penetrate by Bekhur to Garoo and the Lake Manasarowara, with a Letter from the late JG Gerard, Esq. detailing a Visit to the Shatool and

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