The Potomac: a report on its imperiled future and a guide for its orderly development

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Page 8 - This designation would include three divisions, with management objectives appropriate to each: "the River - the water and the channel of the Potomac and all its tributaries, extending to the smallest streams of continuous flow; the Riverside — the land adjacent to the River; and the Setting - the land within view of the River, or within five miles.
Page 10 - ... leadership in basinwide planning and development of new resource technology, and to implement a comprehensive plan for the Potomac River National Landscape, the AIA group urges establishment of a Potomac Development Foundation - funded for five years by an annual Federal appropriation of $50 million, empowered to receive tax-exempt contributions from private sources, and authorized to hold title to lands in order to further the purposes of the Foundation. For the Potomac to serve as a model for...
Page 47 - Potomac basin, next we would examine each of the physiographic regions in greater detail — the Allegheny Plateau, the Ridge and Valley Province, the Great Valley, the Blue Ridge, the Piedmont, and the Coastal Plain.
Page 44 - ... limestone, productive soils, water in relative abundance, transportation routes, fall lines, and the termini of water transport. And so the land use map becomes comprehensible when viewed through this perspective. The information so acquired is a gross ecological inventory and contains the data bank for all further investigations. The next task is the interpretation of these data to analyze existing and propose future human land use and management. The first objective is the inventory of unique...
Page 29 - We believe that public goals should be set to provide, over the next 30 or 40 years, a region of carefully managed landscape and soils, of well regulated streams supporting an abundance of wildlife and fish, of urban and recreational development that will meet both the needs and the hopes of its residents and visitors from throughout the land.
Page 6 - Indeed, how— qualitatively— we live tomorrow, will largely be determined by our present ability to convert the insights of this report into inspired realities.
Page 83 - Every where the solution to domestic resource problems seems to be "extensive public control over the system." (The Potomac — A Report) Many officials believe that "Man's urge to possess a piece of land has become one of the greatest threats to nature and to his own aspirations.
Page 44 - An environmental approach starts with the recognition that nature contains intrinsic resources which may be utilized to our benefit but may not be overtaxed except at a cost. Appropriate data on regional associations of terrain, surface and ground water, minerals, soils and vegetation make a gross resource inventory, or a "data bank
Page 56 - Such misuse of the land is not necessary. There are abundant areas in which a healthful and enjoyable environment for the people of the city and region may be achieved and into which the city's growth may be directed. toficfmi ' + • ? ^ THE URBAN POTOMAC *%& *** as trAWjl :^., •* •ff*l '*r^: J^ ^•w^ nv...
Page 5 - ... sport species, and will require major management programs to maintain production. WHAT CAN BE DONE The report of the Potomac Planning Task Force recommended that the river be designated as "The Potomac National Landscape" which would serve as a model for the Nation.

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