The Power to Heal: On all Levels of Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical

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AuthorHouse, Apr 1, 2002 - Health & Fitness - 320 pages

In a society with epidemic levels of disease, it is sensible to practice the principles of health, and prevent disease. Otherwise you are left treating the symptoms of disease--again--and again--and again. The body is an interrelated system. Except for life threatening situations, the body should be treated as a whole unit--simply--and with recommendations that balance all body functions. Some excellent health-oriented books deal with individual subjects, like nutrition in one book, elimination in another, exercise in another, and personal development in still another. The Power to Heal: 2nd Edition teaches you the importance of the interrelation between all levels of spiritual, mental, emotional and physical. The Power to Heal gives you step by step instructions that guide you through the wellness process.

Wellness does not have to be a difficult subject. Learn how to deal with tension and stress through positive thinking. Eat food that is capable of providing high quality nutrition. Consume chemical and parasite free water. Be conscious of good digestion principles. Help your body eliminate waste products at a speed that allows cells to function at peak performance. Exercise to enjoy life and promote a healthy circulatory and lymphatic system. Simplify the complex subject of supplementation. Protect yourself from electromagnetic polluted frequencies. These subjects, and much more, add up to common sense! DO NOT GET LOST IN ONE SINGLE SUBJECT, AT THE EXCLUSION OF OTHER BALANCING NEEDS. No given day is a test of all your knowledge perfectly implemented. Relax--enjoy your learning experience. Take pride in learning how to take responsibility for your health. Take care of your body--and your body will take care of you.

So dear reader, we can reach the end of a pleasant health education journey together. As you close the back cover of The Power to Heal, you will open a door to a higher quality of life. The Power to Heal will always be on your library shelf to refresh your memory, or just to remind you that assuming self-responsibility for your health is exciting and rewarding. You can now build self-confidence, and an enthusiasm that makes daily decisions easier. Dr. Earl Mindell, who sold over 10 million copies of Vitamin Bible, endorses The Power to Heal. I congratulate you for buying this book--you are worth it!

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