The Present baronetage of the United Kingdom [afterw.] Stockdale's baronetage of the United Kingdom [afterw.] Ridgway's baronetage of the United Kingdom

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Page 146 - A description or citation of a portion of an Act is inclusive of the words, section, or other part, first or last mentioned, or otherwise referred to as forming the beginning, or as forming the end, of the portion comprised in the description or citation.
Page 171 - London, the town council of any borough for the time being subject to the act of the session of the fifth and sixth years of the reign of King William the Fourth, chapter seventy-six, intituled "An Act to provide for the regulation of municipal corporations in England and Wales...
Page 151 - Every person who shall, directly or indirectly, by himself or by any other person on his behalf, make any such gift, loan, offer, promise, procurement, or agreement as aforesaid, to or for any person, in order to induce such person to procure or endeavour to procure the return of any person to serve in Parliament, or the vote 6f any voter at any election.
Page 135 - Act, if it appears to the tribunal having cognizance of the question that the election was conducted in accordance with the principles laid down in the body of this Act, and that such non-compliance or mistake did not affect the result of the election.
Page 178 - ... pounds over and above all rents and charges payable out of or in respect of the same...
Page 130 - At the time of voting the ballot paper shall be marked on both sides with an official mark, and delivered to the voter within the polling station, and the number of such voter on the register of voters shall be marked on the counterfoil, and the voter having secretly marked his vote on the paper, and folded it up so as to conceal his vote...
Page 177 - Every man shall be entitled to be registered as a voter, and, when registered, to vote for a member or members to serve in Parliament for a county who is qualified as follows...
Page 152 - Provided always that the aforesaid enactment shall not extend or be construed to extend to any money paid or agreed to be paid for or on account of any legal expenses bond fide incurred at or concerning any election.
Page 145 - If the voter votes for more than candidate , or places any mark on the paper by which he may be afterwards identified, his ballot paper will be void, and will not be counted. If the voter takes a ballot paper out of the polling station, or deposits in the ballot box any other paper than the one given him by the officer, he will be guilty of a misdemeanor, and be subject to imprisonment for any term not exceeding six months, with or without hard labour.
Page 177 - ... Has during the time of such occupation been rated as an ordinary occupier in respect of the premises so occupied by him within the Borough to all rates (if any) made for the relief of the poor in respect of such premises ; and 4. Has on or before the twentieth day of July in the same year bonafide paid an equal amount in the pound to that payable by other ordinary occupiers...

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