The President's Murderer

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Jennifer Bassett
Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 2000 - Foreign Language Study - 56 pages
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Book title: The president’s murderer (2000)
Publisher: New York: Oxford University Press.
Author’s name: Jennifer Bassett
Type of Book/Genre: Thriller and Adventure
Reviewed by Ba Thanh Ary, Albukhary International University
Everyone who also used to read a book once, and they perhaps will have their favourite book. I also used to read a book. It is an English story book. I like it so much because it was the first English book that I have read. It is easy to understand. Its name is The President’s Murderer. It is a book of thriller and adventure. The story is about a man who was running in the night. He was afraid and needed to rest. But there were people behind him - people with lights, and dogs, and guns. And a man who was standing in front of a desk, his boss was very angry. He was tired and needed to sleep. But first he must find the other man, and bring him back - dead or alive. There are two men: the hunter and the hunted. Who will win and who will lose?
The President’s Murderer was written by Jennifer Bassett. Jennifer is as an official writer for Oxford. She lives and works in Devonshire, in the south-west of England. She is the current Series Editor of the Oxford Bookworms Library, and has written several other stories for the series, including One-Way ticket and the phantom of the Opera (both at stage 1). The President’s Murderer was published in 2007. Alex Dinon, the main character is accused of murdering the old president, a crime that he did not commit. Then the story begins an endless trail of life and death, encountering many obstacles that must be faced to get out alive. And Felix is a good policeman. His Chief wanted him to find a murderer, Alex Dinon. He must find the murderer quickly and bring him back though he is dead or alive. He worked day and night, drove up or down the country, and asked a lot of questions.
Alex Dinnon was running in the night. He tried to run away from the police. Felix was chasing him. There were a lot of police behind him. But Alex somehow could run away from them.
The next morning, Alex was from the south of the prison. There were no people, so he decided to sleep a little. Suddenly when he opened his eyes, there was an old woman. She said “What are you doing in my field, young man?” Alex said “I’m sorry”. But surprisingly she invited him to her house. Her name is Marta. She is one of the reasons that I loved this book. She is a benevolent and gracious woman. Although she knew Alex was the murderer that the police were finding but she still treated Alex like her relative. She served food and gave her husband’s clothes to Alex. Even when Felix and his subordinate Adam came to her house to find Alex, she did not tell anything about Alex. She was not afraid from Adam’s threatening because she hated the police. Then, Felix and Adam did not get anything. Chief of Police got angry because the new president really wants to put Alex in the prison.
After Alex left Matar’s house, he moved quickly. He was hungry and then he decided to stop at a shop to buy food. While he was waiting for food, there were two police men coming to him. This situation is full of flutter. Alex did not want to run away, because he was starving, and the police men would realize him immediately if he run away. Luckily, he was helped by the people around him especially the shopkeeper. He gave some food and helped Alex escaped. After that, he decided to go to his home. There was his wife, Olivia, waiting for him. Although he knew that there were many the police and armies waiting for him.
The story leads the readers to different situations that make them have to notice and think about those situations. For example, why Matar did not help the police, Felix, instead helping the murderer, Alex and why he went to his home though he knew there were many police and army around his house. The larger theme of the story is about pursuing of Felix and Alex, the hunter and the hunted. Will Felix catch Alex? Will he finish his job? What will his Chief do if he cannot catch Alex? And

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About the author (2000)

Jennifer Bassett is the Series Editor for the Oxford Bookworms Library, for which she has written original stories One-Way Ticket and The President's Murderer.

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