The Principles and Practice of Gynecology: For Students and Practitioners

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Lea & Febiger, 1908 - Electronic books - 806 pages

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Page 151 - no mean, but Nature makes that mean ; over that art which you say adds to Nature, is an art that Nature makes.
Page 42 - and backache. Next come scanty, or painful, or delayed, or suppressed menstruation, cold feet, and irritable bladder ; general spinal and pelvic soreness and pain in one ovary, usually the left, or in both ovaries. The sense of exhaustion is a remarkable one : the woman is always tired ; she spends the day tired, she goes to bed
Page 723 - and the smaller dilator is introduced as far as it will go. Upon gently stretching open that portion of the uterine canal which it occupies, the stricture above so yields that when the blades are closed they will pass higher. By repeating this manœuvre a cervical canal is tunnelled out
Page 42 - and she wakes up tired—often, indeed, more tired than when she fell asleep. She sighs a great deal ; she has low spirits, and she often fancies that she will lose her mind. Her arms and legs become numb so frequently that she fears palsy or paralysis. Nor does the skin escape the general sympathy, it becomes dry, harsh, and scurfy, and
Page 43 - a slight displacement of the womb, a small tear in the cervix, an insignificant rent of the perineum, or, what is almost always present, an ovarian ache, each plays the part of the will-o'-the-wisp to allure the physician from the bottom factor. To these paltry
Page 46 - will it appreciate slight changes. It is, indeed, remarkable how individuals vary in their method of making examinations. One will proceed with as much vigor as if he were boring a hole, and finds little more than the cervix, which feels like an obstruction in his way. He gains no information of importance, and inflicts unnecessary pain. Another will pass his finger
Page 184 - the disease and the remedy which instinct suggests react upon one another, the first requiring the second, and the second aggravating the first, until a most rebellious and deplorable condition is developed ; the patient,
Page 579 - forward toward me with a tenaculum, but with no special purpose, when I was surprised to observe that it had decreased to nearly half its previous size. On lifting up the anterior lip with a tenaculum in the other hand, so as to bring the two portions
Page 598 - for unless it be so, an incompetent person may shield himself from merited blame by casting censure upon a consulting physician, by whose efforts the lives of both mother and child
Page 633 - The pubic segment includes bladder, urethra, anterior vaginal wall, and bladder peritoneum ; it is attached in front to the symphysis pubis, and laterally to the anterior bony walls of the pelvis. The sacral segment

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