The Question of God: An Introduction and Sourcebook

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Psychology Press, 2001 - Religion - 357 pages
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This text by a well-known author provides an approachable introduction to the six great arguments for the existence of God. Requiring no specialist knowledge of philosophy, an important feature of The Question of God is the inclusion of a wealth of primary sources drawn from both classic and contemporary texts. With its combination of critical analysis and extensive extracts, this book will be particularly attractive to students and teachers of philosophy, religious studies and theology, at school or university level, who are looking for a text that offers a detailed and authoritative account of these famous arguments - The Ontological Argument (Sources: Anselm, Haight, Descartes, Kant, Findlay, Malcolm, Hick), The Cosmological Argument (Sources: Aquinas, Taylor, Hume, Kant), The Argument from Design (Sources: Paley, Hume, Darwin, Dawkins, Ward), The Argument from Miracles (Sources: Hume, Hambourger, Coleman, Flew, Swinburne, Diamond), The Moral Argument (Sources: Plato, Lewis, Kant, Rachels, Martin, Nielsen), and The Pragmatic Argument (Sources: Pascal, Gracely, Stich, Penelhum, James, Moore).

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Michael Palmer is a widely read author whose Moral Problems (Lutterworth Press, 1991) is a core text in schools and colleges. He has taught at Marlborough College and Bristol University and was Head of the Religion and Philosophy Department at Manchester Grammar School. He was formerly a Teaching Fellow at McMaster University and Humboldt Fellow at Marburg University.

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