The Reasoning Criminal: Rational Choice Perspectives on Offending

Derek B. Cornish, Ronald V. Clarke
Transaction Publishers, 10 feb. 2014 - 268 pagina's

The assumption that rewards and punishments influence our choices between different courses of action underlies economic, sociological, psychological, and legal thinking about human action. Hence, the notion of a reasoning criminal--one who employs the same sorts of cognitive strategies when contemplating offending as they and the rest of us use when making other decisions--might seem a small contribution to crime control. This conclusion would be mistaken.

This volume develops an alternative approach, termed the "rational choice perspective," to explain criminal behavior. Instead of emphasizing the differences between criminals and non-criminals, it stresses some of the similarities. In particular, while the contributors do not deny the existence of irrational and pathological components in crimes, they suggest that the rational aspects of offending should be explored.

An international group of researchers in criminology, psychology, and economics provide a comprehensive review of original research on the criminal offender as a reasoning decision maker. While recognizing the crucial influence of situational factors, the rational choice perspective provides a framework within which to incorporate and locate existing theories about crime. In doing so it also provides both a new agenda for research and sheds a fresh light on deterrent and prevention policies.


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Shoplifters Perceptions of Crime Oppurtunities
Victim Selection Procedures Among Economic Criminals
Robbers as DecisionMakers
The Decision to Give Up Crime
A DecisionMaking Approach to Opioid Addiction
On the Compatibility of Rational Choice and Social Control Theories of Crime
Linking Criminal Choices Routine Activities Informal Control and Criminal Outcomes
The Theory of Reasoned Action
The Decision to Commit a Crime
Offense Specialization
Criminal Incapacitation Effects Considered in an Adaptive Choice Framework
Practical Reasoning and Criminal Responsibility
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Models of Decision Making Under Uncertainty

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Over de auteur (2014)

Derek B. Cornish taught in the department of social science and administration at the London School of Economics, UK until his retirement in 2002. His books include Residential Treatment and Its Effects on Delinquency and Secure and Tranquil Travel: Preventing Crime and Disorder on Public Transport.

Ronald V. Clarke is university professor of criminal justice at Rutgers University, USA. Previously, he headed the British government's criminological research department. His books include Outsmarting the Terrorists, Superhighway Robbery: Preventing E-commerce Crime, and Situational Prevention of Organized Crimes.

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