The Reds

Allen & Unwin, 1998 - 482 Seiten
Looking at the history of the Communist Party of Australia, this work examines a changing group of people and an institution which mounted an uncompromised challenge to the existing forms of national life.

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Towards the united front
Communism by fronts
Growth pains
The socialist sixth of the world

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Seite 35 - The theoretical conclusions of the Communists are in no way based on ideas or principles that have been invented, or discovered, by this or that would-be universal reformer. They merely express, in general terms, actual relations springing from an existing class struggle, from a historical movement going on under our very eyes.
Seite 37 - The history of all countries shows that the working class, exclusively by its own effort, is able to develop only trade-union consciousness', and ‘trade unionism means the ideological enslavement of the workers by the bourgeoisie'.
Seite 35 - theoretically, they have over the great mass of the proletariat the advantage of clearly understanding the line of march, the conditions, and the ultimate general results of the proletarian movement'.¿
Seite 34 - man's ideas, views and conceptions, in one word, man's consciousness, changes with every change in the conditions of his material existence, in his social relations and in his social life'. The
Seite 45 - We'll make the tyrants feel the sting Of those that they would throttle; They needn't say the fault is ours If blood should stain the wattle.
Seite 291 - succession of one bourgeois government by another, but a substitution of one state form of class domination of the bourgeoisie—bourgeois democracy—by another form—open terrorist dictatorship. It would be a serious mistake to ignore this distinction
Seite 101 - ill will and hostility between different classes of His Majesty's subjects so as to endanger the peace, order or good government of the Commonwealth.
Seite 44 - And now that we have made the land A garden full of promise, Old Greed must crook his dirty hand And come to take it from us,

Über den Autor (1998)

Stuart Forbes Macintyre was born on April 21, 1947 in Melbourne, Australia. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Melbourne, his Master of Arts from Monash University and his PhD for the University of Cambridge. He is a historian and a former Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne. His awards include Premier of Victoria's Literary Award for Australian Studies (1986), Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (1987), Redmond Barry Award (1997), The Age Non-Fiction Book of the Year Award (1998)for his book The Reds, Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities (1999), Premier of New South Wales' Australian History Prize (2004)for the History Wars (co-written with Anna Clark), Officer of the Order of Australia (2011), and the Ernest Scott Prize (2016) for his book Australia's Boldest Experiment: War and Reconstruction in the 1940s, and the Premier New South Wales' Australian History Prize (2016) for Australia's Boldest Experiment.

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