The Reintegration of Science and Spirituality: Subtle Bodies, Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Front Cover
Styra Publications, 2013 - 200 pages
The Reintegration of Science and Spirituality offers a new and hopeful vision for the future. In a surprising manner, this book provides a basis in physics for mystical/spiritual phenomena. New discoveries from science regarding dark matter and dark energy are utilized to explain unanswered questions on the nature of paranormal phenomena, psychic phenomena, out-of-body experiences, near-death experiences, reincarnation, and a whole range of mystical phenomena. Dr. Deno Kazanis also presents an inspiring perspective on the traditional teachings and practices mankind has utilized to experience these phenomena. Difficult concepts of science relevant to this discussion, are presented in a readable and concise manner bringing the reader in as a partner in inquiry as well as inviting one to give language and credibility to personal experiences that are easily shared with others.

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