The Ring of Amasis: From the Papers of a German Physician

Harper & brothers, 1863 - 301 páginas

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Página 39 - Canst thou not minister to a mind diseased ; Pluck from the memory a rooted sorrow ; Raze out the written troubles of the brain ; And, with some sweet, oblivious antidote, Cleanse the stuffed bosom of that perilous stuff, Which weighs upon the heart ? Doct.
Página 297 - THE FAIRY BOOK ; the Best Popular Fairy Stories. Selected and rendered anew by the Author of "JOHN HALIFAX, GENTLEMAN.
Página 296 - HAND-BOOK FOR TRAVELLERS IN EUROPE AND THE EAST: being a Guide through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany Austria, Italy, Sicily, Egypt, Syria, Turkey. Greece, Switzerland, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, and Great Britain and Ireland. By W. PEMBROKE FETRIDGE.
Página 299 - Principia Latina, Part I. A First Latin Course, comprehending Grammar, Delectus, and Exercise Book, with Vocabularies. With Accidence adapted to the Ordinary Grammars, as well as the Public School Latin Primer.
Página 298 - Young Benjamin Franklin," "The Peasant-Boy Philosopher, or the Life of Ferguson the Astronomer;" "The Wonders of Science, or Young Humphrey Davy,
Página 297 - By WORTHINGTON HooKER, MD, Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine in Yale College, Author of "Child's Book of Nature," "Natural History," " First Book in Chemistry,
Página 182 - tis all we want, — the end of all our wishes and pursuits : give us a prospect of this, we take the wings of the morning, and fly to the uttermost parts of the earth...
Página 105 - To live in hell and heaven to behold; To welcome life and die a living death; To sweat with heat, and yet be freezing cold; To grasp at stars and lie the earth beneath; To tread a maze that never shall have end; To burn in sighs and starve in daily tears; To climb a hill and never to descend; Giants to kill, and quake at childish fears; To pine for food, and watch th...
Página 299 - GRAPE CULTURE AND WINE-MAKING. Grape Culture and Wine-Making; being the Official Report of the Commissioner appointed to investigate the Agriculture of Europe, with especial Reference to the Products of California. By A.
Página 297 - First Book in Chemistry," Ac. Illustrated by nearly 300 Engravings. 12mo, Cloth, $1 00. /CHRONICLES OF CARLINGFORD. A Novel. ^"* By Mrs. OLIPHANT, Author of

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