The Rodale Book of Pregnancy and Birth

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Foreword by Gregory M Lang M D
Planning your pregnancy
The first trimester

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abdomen abnormalities ACTION CHECKLIST alpha fetoprotein alveoli amniocentesis amniotic fluid amniotic sac anemia anencephaly anesthesia anesthetic antepartum hemorrhage antibodies areola baby baby's head become begin bilirubin birth canal birthing center blastocyst blood pressure blood vessels body breast breast milk breast-feeding breathing cause cells cervix cesarean section child childbirth chromosomes colostrum condition contraception contractions defects develop diaper diaper rash dilated doctor Down syndrome drugs during labor during pregnancy eclampsia ectopic pregnancy embryo endometrium epidural episiotomy estrogen exercise Fallopian tube feeding feel fertilized fetal fetal distress fetal stethoscope fetus folic acid forceps gland Glossary heart home birth hormone hospital However hydrocephalus infection infertility labor and delivery legs maternity blues menstrual cycle menstruation mesoderm midwife milk miscarriage monitored months morning sickness morula mother mucus muscles newborn nipple normal obstetrician occur oocyte ovary ovulation oxygen oxytocin pain parents partner pelvic floor pelvis perineum pituitary gland placenta placenta previa polyhydramnios postpartum postpartum depression postpartum hemorrhage preeclampsia prenatal prenatal care problems progesterone prolactin pronucleus pubic bone red blood cells relax Rhesus rubella sex chromosomes sexual intercourse sperm spina bifida stage of labor stillbirth thalassemia tissue trimester trophoblast ultrasound umbilical cord urethra urine usually uterus vagina varicose veins vernix caseosa vitamin week of pregnancy woman womb women zona pellucida zygote

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